Supermarket labelling undermining sustainable fish effort

Restaurant InsuranceA new study done by the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) has shown that confusing labelling by supermarkets may be undermining their on-going work to promote sustainable fish.

According to the survey results, many retailers are not labelling seafood in line with the recommended guidelines and are only applying the labelling to their own brand seafood and fresh fish. The Marine Conservation Society is keen for all tinned and frozen seafood to be included in this exercise. The latest report, which was published earlier this week, sees the Cooperative Group and Marks & Spencer sharing the top spot for good labelling and for not selling anything on the Society’s list of species to avoid. This list includes skate, eel and Bluefin tuna. Sainsbury’s and Waitrose scored a little lower than Coop and M&S, but the other major retailers either scored poorly or refused to take part.

The labelling issue raised by MCS’ research has also been flagged as a concern during previous studies carried out by Which? and Client Earth, an environmental law group. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall also starred in a television series which highlighted the dangers of over-fishing and sustainability.

David Parker, Fisheries Officer for the Marine Conservation Society said “The 2011 survey has thrown up both positives and negatives. Some supermarkets are really working on their seafood polices with a positive attitude towards improvement – although most policies disappointingly only refer to their own brands. Many supermarkets are working hard on their farmed and wild caught fish sourcing. However, labelling continues to be a stumbling block for almost all retailers.”

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