Not just your skin needs protection from ageing

Beauty Salon InsuranceBelieve it or not, your hair can age prematurely too. We all know that things such as smoking, drinking alcohol and spending too long in the sun can have dire consequences for your complexion, but did you know that they can be equally devastating for your hair?

Nowadays, it would be hard to find a woman who hadn’t worried about spots, wrinkles, dry skin, crow’s feet, thread veins or any other facial skin imperfection. Television, Internet and magazines are packed full of advertisements for the latest anti-ageing skin product and various treatments which pledge to make you look younger. They all overlook one vital detail – your hair.

Although ageing skin may be more obviously noticeable than ageing hair, do you really want the hair of a pensioner on your twenty-something head? No, we thought not. Luckily, someone has cottoned onto the fact that hair ageing should be treated as much as skin ageing and released a range of anti-ageing hair products.

Label:m’s Therapy Age Defying range of four luxury hair products has been specially designed to rescue hair from becoming brittle and seriously damaged. Made up of ingredients which are known to hydrate and rejuvenate damaged hair, including White Caviar, the range is perfect for counter-acting the negative effects of straightening, blow drying and chemical hair treatments. We’ve all done at least one of those things to our hair at least once and most of us do them all regularly!

The range is available from Tony & Guy, Essensuals and label:m stockists, priced from £13.75.

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