Cruises – There’s a climate to suit you

Travel InsuranceRecent figures show that over 1.5 million Britons take to the seas on a cruising holiday each year. While cruising has long been considered the holiday choice for older people, there is a wide variety of packages available now that cater for all tastes.

With all of your accommodation, food and travel sorted out as soon as you book, it’s easy to understand the appeal of cruise holidays. Such a trip also lets you see a variety of places on one holiday and to take a longer break than you may on another type of package holiday. If you’ve avoided cruises in the past because you think that sitting in the sun on deck for weeks on end would bore you rigid, it’s time to reconsider.

Cruises are now available in both hot and cooler climates and there’s a lot more to do than attend black-tie captain’s dinners and lounge on the top deck. Disney are now offering cruises, Strictly Come Dancing have joined the bandwagon and all kinds of destinations are available. While the Caribbean and the Mediterranean remain firm favourites for those who yearn for sun, sea and sand, a cruise around Canada and Alaska is just the ticket for those who’d prefer to experience glaciers, national parks and stunning wildlife. You can even arrange a trip around the Rocky Mountains and Denali National Park.

Of course, there are still the more relaxing cruises available for those who want to enjoy their retirement or other long period free from work. Whatever you want to do, consider a cruise for your next holiday!

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