Swift Caravans – Manchester show sees record sales

Caravan InsuranceAs the trend for holidaying at home in the UK grows in popularity as the recession continues, at least one industry has benefiting from the penny-pinching felt by the majority of households. The caravan and motorhome industry is one which has seen a positive side to people cutting down on holidays abroad and is going against the grain by expanding in recent years.

The 2012 Caravan and Motorhome Show in Manchester, which ended last week, again proved the popularity of this type of family holiday, with one manufacturer in particular leaving very satisfied with their results. Swift Caravans have reported more than £4 million in sales during the event alone. This is more than double their previous sales figures.

Touring caravans and motorhomes were the order of the day as the East Yorkshire-based business netted a very healthy average of one million pounds in sales per day of the Caravan and Motorhome Show. Swift Caravans have named their lightweight and reasonably priced tourers as their stars of the show. These tourers accounted for £2.5 million of the £4 million taken during the event. Motorhome sales were also pretty impressive, increasing by 135 per cent to £1.65 million.

Swift Caravans’ Sprite and Sprite Lite ranges were on display at the Manchester event, alongside six brand new models in the Challenger Sport and Sterling Eccles Swift Ranges. Swift Caravans’ Commercial Director, Nick Page, advised that the entire production batch of 2012 models was sold during the 4 day exhibition. “By giving people products that are more cost effective, better designed and in the case of our tourers, lighter and easier to tow with smaller cars, we are seeing some very positive results.”

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