The next big thing for nails – Bio Sculpture

Beauty Salon InsuranceThere’s something very satisfying about having beautiful nails. Although it may seem like a small detail to a lot of people, those of us in the know understand the difference great nails can make. Whether you’re out on the town or just heading off to work, the perfect nails can finish an outfit beautifully and make you feel fabulously feminine.

If you have already exhausted all the options when it comes to foils, holos, crackles, nail art and stickers, it’s time to try what we think may well be the next big thing. The new nail polish from Bio Sculpture doesn’t just look fantastic on your fingertips; it also works towards giving you better, healthier nails. If there is one drawback to permanently having great looking nails, it’s the damage that constant Shellac-ing, gel nails, polishes and other decorations can do to them. Bio Sculpture will give you all of the beauty with none of the bad bits!

Bio Sculpture’s products are in fact advanced nail treatments. Designed to coat your nails to strengthen and condition them, as well as coming in a range of striking colours, you can’t go wrong with applying these to your nails. The Royal Collection for Spring/Summer 2012 includes six new colours, with subtle radiance shining through a choice of shades. Formulated and named around the Queen’s Jubilee, the varieties available are as follows.

Number 106 Duchess: Crystal, sequins, rhinestones and silver

Number 107 Her Majesty: Sparkly gold

Number 128 Princess: Very striking, subtly shimmering, bright bright pink

Number 129 Prince: Electric blue, again with a subtle shimmer

Number 131 Duke: Strong royal blue of course!

Number 130 Royal Highness: Fuchsia pink

Have you used Bio Sculpture? What did you think of it – please leave a comment below.

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