70% of UK businesses to adopt VOIP

Business InsuranceA recent survey involving one hundred UK businesses from a range of industries has shown that approximately seven out of ten plan to be using VOIP telephony services by next year.

41 per cent of those participating in the research confirmed that they already use voice over IP services, such as Skype, and a further 25 per cent have definite plans to implement a system within the next 12 months.  As you might expect, the most common reason for switching to VOIP telephony was the financial savings it offers; 68% of the businesses cited this as playing a major part in their decision to move away from traditional telephone systems. Flexibility to work from home also influenced around twenty per cent.

When it comes to reasons not to use VOIP, it appears that most is based on misconceptions rather than fact. 42 per cent were concerned about a poor quality, unreliable service; 32 per cent stated that the benefits were not fully understood by their management team and 25 per cent believed that implementing and maintaining a VOIP system would involve too much work.

Chief Executive Officer of Telappliant, Tan Aksoy, has commented on the results of their survey. In reality, VoIP telephony has moved a long way forward since the days of staff having to plug a headset into their desktop computer. Modern VoIP services are easy to set up, reliable and offer crystal-clear call quality. With advanced telephony features usually only found on high-end phone systems, VoIP gives SMEs a range of tools to compete more effectively with their larger competitors. Functionality such as audio conferencing, call recording and IVRs (Interactive Virtual Receptionists that automatically route calls to the correct department) will enable businesses to work smarter and more efficiently.”

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