Chef bursary created in honour of Jonny Dunhill

Hospitality InsuranceFollowing the death of Eddie Gilbert’s founder Jonny Dunhill earlier this year, a chef bursary is being set up in his honour.

The idea of a bursary fund was first thought up by head chef Craig Mather, and will be used to offer one student from Kent catering colleges the chance to train under a seafood chef. The bursary can be used either in the UK or overseas.  “By creating a local young chef award and bursary, we can continue to keep the memory of Jonny fresh in the minds of local people for years to come, whilst helping raise the standards of local cooking, something very dear to his heart” said Mather.

The bursary will be made up from funds raised at a dinner and charity auction event to be held in May.  Organiser of the fundraising event, George Shaw, has added “Jonny was highly enthusiastic about raising local culinary standards, seafood and reviving the area’s economic fortunes. He was hugely popular locally and the number of gastro tourists attracted year round to Eddie Gilbert’s has been instrumental in reviving the town’s fortunes. The bursary is a way of promoting the two and creating a lasting legacy”.

Dunhill was originally a shellfish supplier to restaurants in London, before opening a fishmonger in Ramsgate in 2007. The business was extended shortly afterwards to include a fish and chip shop and Eddie Gilbert’s restaurant. Named after Dunhill’s two sons, the restaurant is currently run by his brother, Mark.

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2 thoughts on “Chef bursary created in honour of Jonny Dunhill

  1. Goodday, is the bursary perhaps again availble for a student in 2014? If so, how can someone apply? Would you please let me know.
    Kind regards

  2. Hi Naomi,

    Thank you for your question.

    Sadly it would appear that the restaurant who sponsored the bursary ceased to trade in May this year, so it is unlikely that it will continue.

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