Great hair products to buy on holiday!

Beauty InsuranceWhile we get a great range of hair and beauty products here in the UK, there are always tons of US-only ones that we’re desperate to get our hands on. Ordering them online is fine, but the postage costs aren’t! If you’re lucky enough to be jetting to the States this summer, or know someone who will be willing to do some shopping, get your hands on some of these.

Crème of Nature Sunflower and Coconut Detangling Conditioning Shampoo – Used by stylists who have worked with the likes of Tyra Banks and Kerry Washington, this shampoo is a firm Hollywood favourite and is available for a bargain $6. We won’t say any more about the shampoo as the name pretty much speaks for itself.

Goody Ouchless Elastics – Ok, so metal-free elastics are available here, but they seem more exotic when brought back from abroad. These particular ones come in natural colours to blend in with any shade of hair and have been used by Beyonce. If they’re good enough for her, we certainly won’t complain! $3

Soft’n’Style Pin Curl Clips – According to Pasquale Ferrante, who has tended the tresses of Katy Perry amongst other stars, “Double-prong pin curl clips are essential in an at-home curl set. Curl 1-inch sections of hair, then roll gently into a circle close to the scalp and secure with a clip. Repeat over the entire head, spray with a light fixing spray, and leave in for however long you have.”  Who are we to argue with the pros? $8 pet set.

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