New private rental strategy for Scotland

Landlord InsuranceScottish Housing Minister, Keith Brown, is due to speak to a Shelter-hosted conference in Glasgow to unveil proposals for a new private rental strategy.

Shelter Scotland are behind the proposals being made, with director Graeme Brown saying “The private rented sector in Scotland offers greater flexibility compared to home ownership and is an attractive choice for many individuals and families. It is particularly well-suited to Scotland’s economic needs and is poised to make a much greater contribution to meeting our housing needs. “Scotland can lead the UK by building a 21st-century private rented sector based on the foundations of security, fairness and affordability.”

Another expert due to speak at the Glasgow conference, Dr Felix Schindler of the Centre for European Economic Excellence, strongly believes that other European countries have the right idea when it comes to private lets, and that Scotland should follow suit. In Germany more people rent than own their own homes. Renting is seen as a normal and long-term choice, with landlords equally seeing investment in rented property as a long-term investment. “Tenancies are usually for unlimited time periods, normally determined by the tenant, and where landlords wish to evict their tenants they must prove legitimate reasons. There is also strict regulation against prohibitive rent increases and rent levels. “Germany shows that regulation and a thriving rental sector can go hand-in-hand.”

With the private letting sector growing swiftly in the current economic climate, it is imperative that measures be in place to protect both landlords and tenants involved in these rentals.

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