Porsche buy Nardo test track

Satellite image of NardoPorsche’s cars are no strangers to going fast and soon they will have their very own test track. The car manufacturer has announced that they will buy the Nardo test track facility in Southern Italy.

Satellite image of NardoFeaturing a 7.8 mile banked circular track, where the car in the outside lane can do 149 miles per hour with the steering wheel set dead centre, the facility also includes off-road and road  noise testing areas. The main track is six lanes wide, with two dedicated to trucks and the other four allowing access to cars and motorcycles only.  The entire facility is spread over 1700 acres and also houses a 6.2 kilometre handling course.

Nardo was where the Koenigsegg CCR became the fastest production car in the world, a title it held for only a short time before the Bugatti Veyron claimed the crown for itself. The Veyron’s record was not made at the same facility however; the record-breaking drive took place at the Volkswagen Group’s test facility in Germany. Nardo was also featured in the last season of BBC’s Top Gear programme, when the presenters speed tested the Lamborghini Aventador, Noble M600 and McLaren MP4-12C.

The acquisition of Nardo is due to be completed next month, making it a welcome addition to Porsche’s existing testing facilities. Referring to the test track they already own in Germany, Porsche’s CEO Matthias Muller said Nardo “ideally complements our facilities in Weissach”.  Nardo holds some advantages over the current facilities however, including the mild weather which will allow engineers to work on the track all year round, 24 hours a day if necessary.

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