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View of a car side mirror with condensation Checking For And Dealing With Damp In Motorhomes

Following our article last October about preventing and treating damp in caravans, we have had a request for some similar information specific to motorhomes. Due to the similarity between caravans and motorhomes, much of the advice and information will apply…

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Sunhat, glasses and flip flops on a beach New Regulations In Store For Online Travel Sales

Following a period of discussion, the European Parliament and European Council have reached an agreement on new regulations relating to the online sale of travel. The Package Travel Directive has been revised in order to afford the same protection to…

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Landlords – Are You Considering All Your Costs? Landlords – Are You Considering All Your Costs?

Recent information has shown that a sizeable number of potential buy to let (BTL) landlords in the UK have been overestimating their potential income by failing to take all costs into consideration. In addition, many existing landlords omit to consider…

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