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Keyboard and credit card on hook Beware Of Online Holiday Scams

Remember the days when you had to visit a travel agency in order to book a holiday? It normally took more than one visit too – first you had to decide where you would like to go, visit the branch…

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Preparing Pizza Setting Up A New Food Business

If you’ve been thinking of setting up a food-related business, you will no doubt be aware that there are a number of regulations with which you must comply. Depending on how far you’ve gotten from the stage of having an…

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Laptop with key lock on display The Lifesure Guide to Online Security

With so many aspects of our daily lives being conducted online nowadays, chances are you’ve communicated some personal information over the internet in one form or another during the past few days. Most of us will have ordered groceries online,…

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Prescription Medicines Drug Driving – Do You Know The Law?

We are all more than familiar with the laws about drink driving and very few of us would dream of driving or operating machinery while under the influence of alcohol, but are you aware of the laws relating to driving…

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Rental agreement form Did the Budget introduce subletting?

While it is currently very unusual for tenants in the UK to be allowed to sublet their home to another tenant, there has been some speculation about Budget 2015 making it a distinct possibility. Some of the small print in…

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Nurse helping elderly person The Care Act 2014 – What Does It Mean?

You may have heard about the Care Act 2014, a new law which will affect those requiring care and the carers who provide it. Hearing about some impending changes is one thing, but it’s no good unless those involved know…

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