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I Love My Job sticker on noticeboard Managing employees in a small business

If your small business has taken off and you’ve found yourself in a position where you need to employ staff, it can be a time of mixed feelings. On one hand, it’s absolutely fantastic that your hard work is paying…

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Close up of a fastened seatbelt Motorhomes and Seatbelts – The Law

None of us would dream of travelling in a car without using a seatbelt, but are we as familiar with the law when it comes to seatbelts and motorhomes? There tends to be some confusion about the legal requirements to…

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Google Test Car Are you ready for self-driving cars?

Ready or not, they’re coming soon(ish). It may seem like something from an episode of The Jetsons, but more than one car manufacturer has announced plans to launch a range of cars which don’t need to be driven. We have…

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Portuguese Police Car Top Tips for Driving in Portugal

Following on from our article on driving in Spain, which has proven popular since we published it in June, we have had some requests for a quick guide to driving in Portugal. As always, we are more than happy to…

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