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Older Couple Carrying Shopping Bags Prepaid Cards And Travelling Abroad

We all know not to carry wads of cash when travelling, but what is the best option for bringing money abroad? Using your debit or credit card for withdrawals can be eye-wateringly expensive and will mean you don’t get the…

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Grilled vegetarian skewers on barbecue Mastering The Barbecue For Caravan Site Cooking

Barbecues go perfectly with summer caravan holidays – they’re a fantastic way to be sociable, introduce yourself to your holiday neighbours and avoid wasting lovely summer evenings stuck inside your caravan or a restaurant. Once the food is finished, there’s…

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Map, money, passport and boarding pass Airport Shops And Your Boarding Pass

If you’ve read a newspaper, switched on the television or used the internet at all over the past few days, you’re sure to have heard the furore relating to the “VAT scam” of requesting boarding cards for all airside purchases…

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Stethoscope and EKG What You Need To Know About The EHIC

The European Health Insurance Card, or EHIC, is a card which proves that the holder is an EU national and, as such, is entitled to certain medical care when travelling within the EU. The specifics about what it covers will…

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Car and caravan being hitched up A Comprehensive Guide To Breakaway Cables

Entry into the world of caravanning will soon open your eyes to what can seem like an entire new language (as you have more than likely realised by now). Between abbreviations, jargon and the sheer volume of new equipment you…

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UK Driving Licence on map Changes To UK Driving Licences – June 2015

Following on from the abolition of the paper tax disc last October, and after a considerable amount of to-ing and fro-ing, the paper counterpart driving licence will also cease to exist as from 8th June 2015. Aside from meaning that…

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