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Model house protected by glass bowl Are You One Of The 80% Who Are Under-Insured?

Being one of the 80% may seem like a positive prospect, and in some cases it is. However, the question in this article’s title relates to the proportion of UK households which are currently under-insured – a category you definitely…

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Sealander Amphibious Caravan Ever Fancied Amphibious Caravanning?

Did you know it was an option? To be perfectly honest, we didn’t know it was an option and that’s mainly because it isn’t. Yet. However, if German designer Daniel Straub’s Sealander goes to plan, an all-in-one caravan and boat…

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Sun hat on top of suitcases at airport The World’s Worst Airports 2015

It’s a bit of a dubious honour indeed, but has recently announced the results of its 2015 worst airports survey. Approximately 25,000 people took part in the research, revealing the airports in which they had the worst experiences and…

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Older Couple Carrying Shopping Bags Prepaid Cards And Travelling Abroad

We all know not to carry wads of cash when travelling, but what is the best option for bringing money abroad? Using your debit or credit card for withdrawals can be eye-wateringly expensive and will mean you don’t get the…

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Grilled vegetarian skewers on barbecue Mastering The Barbecue For Caravan Site Cooking

Barbecues go perfectly with summer caravan holidays – they’re a fantastic way to be sociable, introduce yourself to your holiday neighbours and avoid wasting lovely summer evenings stuck inside your caravan or a restaurant. Once the food is finished, there’s…

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Map, money, passport and boarding pass Airport Shops And Your Boarding Pass

If you’ve read a newspaper, switched on the television or used the internet at all over the past few days, you’re sure to have heard the furore relating to the “VAT scam” of requesting boarding cards for all airside purchases…

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