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The Gruffalo sitting on a log in the forest A Gruffalo? Why, Didn’t You Know…?

There’s no such thing as a Gruffalo! Or so goes the rhyme in Julia Donaldson’s famous children’s story.  To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the bestselling book, the Gruffalo himself and the scariest creature in the wood, Mouse, will be…

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Two Bicycles on the Roof of a Car How to Safely Transport Bicycles

We are all more than familiar with the importance of staying safe while riding a bicycle but do you know how to safely (and legally!) transport a bicycle on your car? Whether you are passionate about mountain biking, leisurely bike…

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Red rose resting on a tombstone Funeral Plans – What to Consider

It’s something that most of us generally don’t want to spend too much time thinking about, but it’s also one thing that all of us are guaranteed to need sooner or later. Funeral plans are a great way to make…

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Park Home Garden with Containers Park Home Hobbies – Gardening

The clocks are about to spring forward again and that means that (hopefully) the long, dreary days of winter are behind us and we have some lovely, sunny weather to come. We are certainly hoping that the pleasant weather of…

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