Car Insurance – Explanation of Cover

Lifesure has developed it’s own car insurance policy specifically for people who are over 40, offering low cost premiums on first class protection.

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Car Insurance – Things You Need To Be Aware Of!

1. Use of Vehicle

Please note that this is a summary of cover available and it may be possible to change the terms of the cover to suit the customer’s requirements. Please ring to discuss this if your requirements are not met below.

Social, Domestic & Pleasure Only – Use for Social, Domestic & Pleasure purposes excluding use for journeys between home and permanent place of work or any other place of work.

Social, Domestic & Pleasure Including Commuting - Social, Domestic & Pleasure and use by the insured for journeys between home and permanent place of business providing business calls are not made on the journey.

Class 1 - Social, Domestic & Pleasure purposes and use by the insured in person in connection with his/her business or profession, excluding commercial traveling or the carriage of goods or samples in connection with any trade or business.

Class 2 - Social, Domestic & Pleasure purposes and for the business of the insured and the insured’s employer or partner excluding commercial traveling.

Please Note - All the above classes of use exclude commercial traveling, use for hiring, the letting on hire, the carriage of passengers or goods for hire or reward, racing, pacemaking, use in any contest, reliability or speed trail or use for any purpose in connection with the motor trade.

Class 3 - Social, Domestic & Pleasure purposes and for the business of the insured and the insured’s employer or partner excluding use for hiring, the letting on hire, the carriage of passengers or goods for hire or reward, racing, pacemaking, use in any contest, reliability or speed trail or use for any purpose in connection with the motor trade.

2. Occupation

You need to disclose full details of your occupation. Should you have any additional occupation, or part-time occupation, however occasional, this must be disclosed.

3. Medical Conditions

Certain disabilities or medical conditions must be notified to DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency), as they may affect your or your named drivers’ ability to drive.

A list of the conditions that must be notified to DVLA can be found at Any condition listed here must be disclosed.

If you are unsure regarding any condition please contact our office on 01480 402460 to discuss. You can be assured of our discretion.

4. Material Facts

This is information which would be likely to influence the insurers in their acceptance and assessment of an application for insurance cover. As it is extremely important that your insurers are aware of all material facts, if you have doubts as to whether a fact is relevant or not, you should disclose it.

If you wish to discuss anything we will be pleased to talk to you.

5. Modifications

If a vehicle has had any alterations made to its engine, suspension or bodywork or fitted with additional equipment this is a modification. If your vehicle is not the manufacturer’s standard specifications then you need to disclose the changes.

6. Immobiliser

Your insurers may require your vehicle to be fitted with an immobiliser. If this is requested they will specify that the particular immobiliser must comply with either Thatcham Category 1 or Category 2 requirements.

Thatcham is a body established by the British insurance industry in 1969 also known as the Motor Insurance Repair Research Centre. Full details of Thatcham approved devices can be found at but should you have any queries we should be able to help. Usually your insurer will require proof of fitment in the form of the fitting certificate or copy of the manufacturer’s handbook if fitted as standard.

7. Claims Plus

This cover which is usually included with all quotations and new business and offered with every renewal covers you for legal assistance to attempt to recover any uninsured losses incurred as result of a non-fault motor accident. Such losses may include the policy excess paid to the repairer, personal injury, loss or damage to personal property, loss of earnings etc.

In addition to the legal assistance provided Claims Plus also provides a 24/7 claims management service to assist with your motor claim and the provision of a hire vehicle should you not be able to obtain one from your insurers approved repairers if your vehicle is rendered undriveable. (Terms and Conditions apply).


Fully Comprehensive cover provides all the cover afforded by Third Party, Fire and Theft plus Accidental Damage cover. This includes damage caused to the insured vehicle maliciously and in addition gives the benefit of windscreen damage cover (subject to an excess imposed by the insurers).

Many insurers will only offer Comprehensive cover for vehicles over certain values with these starting as low as £4,000.00 with some insurers.

The majority of Comprehensive policies are subject to an excess in respect of claims. This is commonly increased for performance or executive type vehicles. It is always wise to check on all policy excesses to avoid an unpleasant surprise in the event of a claim.

Third Party

Third Party cover is the most basic cover available and require by law. It covers personal injury caused to any person or damage to their property for which you may be responsible. It gives no cover for loss or damage to your vehicle.

Third Party, Fire & Theft

Third Party, Fire and Theft cover allows for everything covered by Third Party but also includes Theft cover and cover for Fire damage.

Policy Excesses

All motor policies are subject to policy excesses. An excess is a portion of a claim that is the responsibility of the policy holder.

The excess is payable to the repairing garage when repairs are completed, or in the event of the vehicle being ‘beyond economical repair’ the excess is deducted from the settlement.

Excesses are payable regardless of fault. In the event of non-fault claims the excess can usually be recovered from the responsible party’s insurers. If you have Legal Cover we would usually instruct your Legal Insurers to act upon your behalf to recover this.

PLEASE NOTE that this is only a brief explanation for each of the covers available. Please read the Policy Booklet for full details in respect of each form of cover and excess that may apply.

All covers are subject to exclusions. It is necessary for you to read the policy document to be aware of the exclusions imposed by the particular insurer. We always advise you to read fully the insurance policy so you may understand what you are, and are not, covered for.

PLEASE NOTE: All insurance policies advertised on this website are applicable only to residents of the United Kingdom & The Isle Of Man.