Car Insurance Questions & Answers

1) Can I get immediate cover?

Yes, if you call with your Credit or Debit card we will be able to commence cover in most cases. As all calls are recorded we are able to obtain a Statement of Facts from you which will eliminate the need for a signed proposal form. A copy of the completed proposal will be sent to you immediately.

2) What do I need to send as Proof of No Claims Bonus?

Usually your renewal notice will suffice providing this shows the number of years you are entitled to. Otherwise, you should provide your last policy details, together with a contact telephone number for your last insurer so we can telephone them to obtain a verbal confirmation of the Bonus. However, you will need to speak with them first to give them permission to speak with us.

3) What if I lose my documents?

We will be able to obtain a duplicate Certificate of Insurance for you but this will be subject to a minimum charge of £10.00. For some insurers this may be higher.

4) Does my insurance allow me to drive another car?

Most policyholders over the age of 25 are given this cover however, drivers in certain occupations will be excluded from this benefit i.e. professional drivers, people in the motor trade etc. If this benefit is added it will show on your Certificate of Insurance and this should always be checked. If given, this cover is only for the policyholder. This cover is Third Party only, so there is no cover for damage to the car you are driving, and is restricted to vehicles not owned and registered to you. If you are entitled to drive other car(s) the cover is restricted to use in the UK and does not extend abroad. If you are unsure whether you have this cover please contact us. Please do not always assume you are covered.

5) What changes must I notify you of?

Any material change to the original details given when the policy was taken out must be notified to us. These include things such as: changes of occupation, changes in medical condition, motor convictions gained or motor accident(s) under other policies and so on. This list is not exhaustive so if any of your details change please contact us to ensure that you remain fully covered.

6) If I modify my car should I let you know?

If you intend to modify your car in any way we would advise you contact us prior to the alteration so if need be, we can advise on your particular insurers attitude to the intended modification. Some insurers will not insure a vehicle that has been modified in any way at all. Please contact us on 01480 402460 with full details of your intended modifications. Failure to make your insurers aware may invalidate your insurance and result in a claim not being paid.

7) I want to change my car?

Just give us a call with details of the vehicle you are thinking of changing to (the registration number helps). We will be able to advise of any change in premium that may result from the change, together with any changes that your insurers may make to the policy, such as increasing the excess. We would advise that you ring before you make the change to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

8) What is No Claims Bonus?

No Claims Bonus is a discount earned for every year your motor policy remains claim free. For a large number of insurers once you have 4 or 5 years claim free driving under your own policy you have earned maximum entitlement. At this point you may opt to protect your Bonus. If your Bonus is not protected and you make a claim against your policy you will usually lose 2 years Bonus entitlement, i.e. if you have a maximum entitlement of 5 years you will go back to 3 years on your next renewal.

9) What is Protected No Claims Bonus?

If you have a maximum No Claims Bonus entitlement you may be eligible to ‘protect’ your Bonus. This means that you can have a number of claims within a set period without losing your Bonus. Usually you will be allowed two claims in three or five years. Protected Bonus can only be added when the policy is commenced, or at renewal (an additional premium will be charged for this cover). The policy excess will also usually be increased. We are also able to offer Guaranteed No Claims Bonus which is often referred to as ‘Life Time Bonus’,  again you must have a maximum No Claims Bonus. However, this cover does not limit you to a number of claims over a period of time, instead protecting your Bonus against any number of claims.

10) I have been named on someone else’s policy for years, am I entitled to any No Claims Bonus?

In order to gain no claims bonus entitlement you need to have had a policy in your own name for at least one year. However, if you have been named on a policy taken through us, we can often recognise every year you’ve been on the policy and haven’t made a claim and allow the equivalent No Claims Bonus. If you have never been with us on another policy we can still allow substantial discounts according to your driving experience.

11) Will I get a refund if I cancel my policy midway through?

All insurers make different charges for the cancellation of a policy so we would advise you to contact us in order that we can advise you of the refund, if any. No refund will be due if a claim has been made under the policy during the current year.

12) How do I make a claim?

If you are involved in an incident please contact either ourselves or your insurers, whom will have provided a contact number in your policy document so that they can be contacted direct. If you have the benefits of our MotorPlus scheme you will also need to contact Soter Professional Services (01480 402476) who will manage all aspects of your claim, and deal with your uninsured losses i.e. personal injury, policy excesses, out of pocket expenses etc. If you are not entitled to a courtesy vehicle from your insurers you may well be entitled to one under your MotorPlus policy.

13) Will my Motor Insurance include breakdown cover?

No, not normally, although one or two policies do include a basic level of cover. However, we are able to offer a comprehensive breakdown policy at a very competitive rate.

Ask for details when getting your quote or click here. If you have any further questions please email us and we shall send you an answer.

PLEASE NOTE: All insurance policies advertised on this website are applicable only to residents of the United Kingdom & The Isle Of Man.