The Lifesure Group was originally founded in 1971.  We are an insurance broker specialising in some of the more niche markets such as caravan, motorhome, park home and commercial, as well as offering quality insurance for your car and home.  We can look after your entire portfolio of insurance needs.

We’ve been based in St. Neots, Cambridgeshire since the very beginning of the company and now have purpose built offices just off the A1.

To read more about how Lifesure has evolved over the years, please see the section below.


We’ve got 5 values that we try to live up to each and every day, both as a team and with our clients.

One of the fundamental values upon which the company was established has always been to offer a consistently high level of customer care and whilst the company has continued to expand, over 40 plus years of trading, we have continued to hold to this core value.

Whenever you ring us you will find that you speak to someone who is both knowledgeable and focused upon providing service. We firmly believe our future is in the hands of our customers, both existing and new.

Unlike many of our competitors we have a very low staff turn over, most of our team having been with us well in excess of 10 years. This means our customers will receive the benefit of many years of experience when they call. We do not employ people purely to deal with clients based on the response of a computer like some companies. When you contact us you can be assured that we will know what you are talking about and be able to give advice and guidance that is appropriate to you.