For many, a motorhome offers the freedom to escape everyday life for a little while, to be spontaneous and go wherever the mood takes you. At Lifesure, we love motorhomes too.

It’s not just because this is a type of insurance we specialise in. Some of our employees are motorhome owners themselves and they’re always keen to tell us about the benefits! These top seven reasons to love your motorhome come from our Operations Manager.

1: Freedom

A motorhome gives you the freedom to go where you want, when you want. You don’t need to spend lots of time organising, waiting in airports or contacting hotels to find out about their availability.

2: Adventure

With a motorhome, you experience the world from a different perspective and visit parts of the UK that you wouldn’t see if you were staying in a hotel. What better way to spend time with family than to discover new places together?

3: Festivals

You could stay at a festival without a motorhome. But why would you want to when you could have your own shower and toilet? It really is a much nicer way to enjoy the festival, knowing you’ll be waking up surrounded by a few home comforts.

4: Guest space

When guests come to stay it can be difficult to find space for everyone. With a motorhome parked outside, you’ve got an extra bedroom. Your guests can stay near you while maintaining a little bit of privacy that comes with being in a motorhome instead of your house.

5: Days out

Even if you’re only going out for the day, having a motorhome is really useful. Wherever you park you’ll have your own base stocked with books, toys, tea and coffee, biscuits, extra clothes, towels and somewhere comfy to sit down.

6: Making friends

There’s a real social aspect to owning a motorhome. Organisations such as the Caravan and Motorhome Club often organise rallies and other events where you can meet people who share your interests.

7: Solo travel

Unlike a tent, a motorhome has locks. Unlike a hotel, you’re the only one with the keys. The security of a motorhome makes it ideal for travelling alone.

Feeling inspired?

If you’re feeling inspired by our reasons to love motorhomes, you might want to read some other blogs. We love this one by Wandering Bird but there are others out there.

If you do decide to buy a motorhome, we’ll be here to help you find the right insurance. We employ experienced insurance specialists who understand motorhomes. We spend time searching the market for policies which suit your motorhome, your lifestyle and your budget.

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