If you’re keen to get out and enjoy your motorhome after a winter break, you’ll need to make sure it’s ready for the road. Our pre-season checks will help you get going quickly and safely.

The exterior

Storms, high winds or other adverse weather conditions can cause damage to the outside of a motorhome so you’ll need to check your motorhome’s exterior. While you’re doing this, make sure you remember to check any skylights and aerials.


Are there any chips or cracks in your motorhome’s windscreen? If there are, it’s better to get it sorted sooner rather than later. Make sure you check carefully and contact Autoglass at the first sight of any visible damage.


It’s important to check the pressure and condition of your tyres regularly. As the only part of your motorhome to come into contact with the road, the condition of your tyres can affect how safe and enjoyable it is to drive. As well as topping up the pressure, check for any bulging, cracking, impaled objects or worn treads.

You can find out more about tyre pressure in our article about it.

Windows, doors and seals

Make sure you check around windows, doors and any seals for any signs of damage. They should all be intact and watertight.


You’ll want a lovely clean motorhome to travel and stay in. Now’s a good time to have a really thorough clean. Not only will your motorhome look better after a good clean, the removal of grime and dirt is essential for maintaining the condition of the bodywork.


While you’re giving your motorhome a thorough clean, check for any signs of damp. If you detect the smell of dampness, put a dehumidifier in your motorhome for a few hours to clear any moisture from the air and leave the doors and windows open for a while.

Water system

If your motorhome has been lying empty for a while, any water left in the system will be stale so you’ll need to flush it out. To do this, park your motorhome near a drain if possible and connect to the mains water supply. Then, take any plugs out, turn the taps on and leave them running for a few minutes.

Cassette toilet

You’ll probably pay particular attention to the toilet as you clean your motorhome. While you’re doing this, make sure you inspect all of the components of the cassette toilet and check for any damage. Once you’ve done that, replace the carbon filter and lubricate the main blade seal. Finally, check everything works as it should. It’s much better to find out now if anything doesn’t work!

If you want to find out more, there’s more detailed information about cassette toilets in this article by Practical Motorhome.


When you’re checking the electrics in your motorhome, make sure you check any security devices that rely on electricity first such as trackers and alarms. When you’ve done that, remember to check all of the electrical devices including the lights.


If your motorhome has a tracker, here’s a trick you can use to check it’s working correctly. Drive your motorhome to a location away from your home. Then, call your tracking company to make sure they can accurately locate your motorhome. If there are any problems with your device, you’ll find out and be able to fix it.


Whether you have a gas or diesel fired heating system, you’ll need to maintain it regularly. Different motorhomes have different systems so check your owner’s handbook for instructions on how to maintain your heating system.

Fire safety

Fire is one of the most common causes of motorhome insurance claims. Lifesure can provide guidance in the event of a claim. However, you can improve safety and reduce the risk of fire by keeping a fire extinguisher and fire blankets in your motorhome.

When you’re carrying out your pre-season checks, have a look at the expiry date on your fire extinguisher and replace it if needed.


Are the batteries in your motorhome charged? Are they in a good working condition? Have a look at this article by Practical Motorhome which has some really useful guidance on battery maintenance.


It’s important to have your motorhome serviced regularly like any other vehicle. With other motorhome owners feeling the same urge to get out and enjoy the nice weather at the beginning of the season, dealerships can get busy. Make sure you book in advance to get the best time for you.


While you’re doing all of these checks, it’s a good idea to make sure you’ve got all of the right documentation in place too. This might include:

  • Tax
  • MOT certificate
  • Insurance certificate
  • Breakdown cover

If you’re planning to travel abroad, you should also check your breakdown cover and insurance are valid. And of course, make sure you check that your passport is valid for at least six months after the date you’re planning to travel.

As an insurance broker specialising in motorhomes, we can help you find a policy that fits your needs and is tailored to suit your experience, and the age and type of your motorhome. We search for suitable policies and will spend the time talking through different options with you. We also offer breakdown cover as an optional extra.

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