Anyone who owns a campervan will know you need to pack wisely to avoid clutter.

Smart packing not only creates a less chaotic living environment but can also mean better fuel economy. The extra weight of camping equipment and personal belongings leads to heavier fuel consumption, increasing the vehicle's running costs.

If you’re a new campervan owner, you’ll probably be excited by the prospect of building up your inventory. It’s tempting to buy everything in one go, to make sure you’re prepared for all eventualities on your first outing, but this can often lead to buying things that you will never actually need to use.


It’s good to start with the essentials and build upon your inventory as you become more au-fait with staying in your campervan.


We’ve put together a list of practical space saving solutions, which you may find useful when starting out.

Microfibre towels

Microfibre towels are great for campervan trips, as they are lightweight and less dense than conventional cotton towels. They are highly absorbent, fast drying and take up less storage space, when rolled up.

Collapsible Items

Anything that can be reduced to a smaller size is helpful when storage space is limited. There are many collapsible items available on the market, ranging from kettles, bowls, buckets, pans, colanders, cups, and water carriers to name a few. Made from silicon rubber, collapsible cookware can withstand high temperatures, and is near impossible to break, which means it is less likely to get damaged while you’re on the move.

Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are great for storing items of clothing and bedding and can be kept under your back seats or bed, to save on valuable cupboard space. These are better than suitcases or storage boxes, which are often rigid and bulky. Fabric storage cubes can be forced into the tightest of spaces and often have a clear plastic window allowing you to view the contents within.

Camping Toastie Maker

A camping toastie maker is not only great for making toasted sandwiches but can also be used to cook a variety of things on a gas camping stove, such as stir-fries, cakes and even toad-in-the-hole! Brands such as Ridgemonkey offer a range of sizes and styles to suit different needs. The Ridgemonkey Connect can be split to make two independent frying pans. It comes with a compact utensil set and detachable handles which are stored inside the pan, and a compact travel case, for protection.

Mini Stackable Storage Baskets

Mini stackable baskets are ideal for under sink storage and can be used to store cleaning and domestic items such as dishcloths, antibacterial wipes, binbags and the like. As they can be built up, this makes the most of taller cupboards without internal shelves, where the space may otherwise remain unutilised.

Inflatable Awning

Awnings are great for providing extra living space, especially when camping with children. Inflatable awnings can be assembled and deflated quickly, and tend to be lighter in weight, with a smaller pack size than their poled counterparts. Awnings offer additional dining, sleeping and storage space, which can make for a much more comfortable, and less claustrophobic, camping experience.


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