Many caravan, motorhome and static caravan owners will be aware of the problems that can develop over the years in their outfit.

Perhaps one of the most annoying is a cracked shower tray as not only can it leak and cause further unseen damage, but it can also become unhygienic and dangerous to stand on.


Of course a cracked shower tray is not going to go away and it will need to be fixed before it causes damage to the flooring and possibly even water ingress and cause de-lamination of some flooring materials.

Sure, we have all tried taping up the crack for a temporary solution, but deep down we know that a replacement shower tray costing upwards of £80 - £400 in some cases plus fitting will be required. The fitting process of a replacement shower tray may involve the complete removal of the bathroom / shower cubicle as many of these are actually assembled on top of the original shower tray, preventing easy removal.


Well now there is a much cheaper and easier solution.

Speedcoat Europe Limited and their nationwide enlisted authorised dealers are specialists in repairing cracked showers. By applying a tough and durable urethane polymer spray liner to the crack and the main shower tray area, they can repair your shower back to as good as new (if not better). The finish of the spray liner coating has a ‘built in’ active anti-microbial and anti-bacterial, but it is also textured to provide a non-slip surface.

As the urethane polymer coating is sprayed on to a thickness of between 1.5mm and 2mm, it remains flexible, even after drying and curing, allowing the product to prevent the shower tray from further deterioration from cracks and warping.


Their fully trained independent dealers / applicators can also look at what caused the initial problem in the first place. In many older caravans and motorhomes there was not sufficient support put to the underneath of the shower units, perhaps because the manufacturers didn’t expect them to last as long, meaning that over time cracking would be inevitable. Part of the service that Speedcoat Europe Ltd. and their dealers can provide is to bolster the base to ensure that cracking will not happen again. To do this they mark and drill a uniform pattern of holes in the existing shower base to enable them to inject expanding foam. Once the foam has set it can then be tested for firmness and more foam injected if necessary. When the technician is happy, a sealant is administered on the top to ensure that it is fully waterproof before it is primed and the layer of urethane polymer applied.

As the polymer is a spray, it doesn’t matter what shape or size your shower tray is – no more searching high and low for an exact fit to


replace your existing cracked tray. Even though the product is anti-bacterial, normal, non-aggressive bathroom cleaners can still be used safely and will not affect the effectiveness of the polymer layer.

Available in 19 different colours and a range of white ‘hints’ including Barley White, Bluebell White and Rose White, it is quite likely that they will be able to provide a colour that will be complimentary to your existing suite.

Not Just Showers!

The flexibility and waterproof nature of the Speedcoat application means that it is also suitable for other repairs around your caravan or motorhome. Perhaps the door to your external locker has become cracked due to sun damage over the years – the same product can be applied to repair external cracks as well.

The company is also a member of the NCC and is approved by them. With a dealer network around the UK and mobile units available to come out to you, Speedcoat Europe provides an effective solution to an age-old problem.

For more information on your nearest technician call Speedcoat Europe on 0800 083 4525 or visit their website –

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