Jazzing up your old caravan can be an extremely rewarding project, with the right mindset and a bit of time to do it all in you can achieve beautiful and dazzling results!

Some clever ideas for your sofa seating: If your couch cushions have seen better days and you are considering throwing out the lot, pop down to your local B&Q or any other DIY home improvement shop and purchase some fire retardant foam or ready upholstered fireproof cushions that would fit your caravan seats. If you make them yourself you can design the covers in an envelope shape that you can remove easily for washing.

Another great investment for your caravan are some emulsion paints for repainting the cupboards, walls and the ceiling. Detailing can be added by hand if you buy an assortment of testers, or you can purchase wall transfers in a variety of designs - from the simple to the magnificent - creating a very different kind of feature wall. Fablon is also a simple and cheap way to add a splash of colour or pattern to the tired looking cupboards or to accent your paint colours.

The little details can save you pounds but have a fantastic effect and character. A perfect example of this is the use of a silk scarf pinned to the inside of the door frame to act as a fly screen for your door as well as letting the light in! Brilliant effect and without the tragic retro feel of beaded curtains, and if you go to a charity shop you will find a plethora of choice and one that will inevitably suit your colour scheme and theme.

The Rules of DIY

  • Check before you rip - It is so much easier to decide what you want to do to your caravan if you clean and repair both the interior and the exterior before you start. Sometimes older caravans suit being restored rather than refurbished, as the classics retain their value better in their original glory sometimes.
  • Allow your imagination to run free - It is not like decorating a house, that has much less need for the conventional white walls and sensible colours. You have so much freedom in this project so use it and enjoy!
  • Draw on inspiration - Whether it be from a particularly fabulous ornament or a beautiful fabric, allow yourself a colour scheme and use as a basis for your design. Not everything has to be Cath Kidston and 50's or 70's Retro!
  • Flooring is fundamental - Your design should include a fabulous yet practical floor, something waterproof is often desirable, often a linoleum in bold checks are a great touch of colour, otherwise a combination of waterproof lino and a carpet runner or rugs can add texture and hold in some warmth in the evenings.
  • Make your own sunshade - Why spend all of your money on a large and impractical awning? If all you want is a bit of shade and protection from an unexpected shower, you can create your own stunning shades and have money left over to buy other essentials, such as an optimistic sun lounger or new BBQ!

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