Many owners aren’t sure about whether they need a separate TV Licence for their static caravan. Getting it wrong could lead to expensive fines. This article helps you get it right.

Caravans are often covered by the owner’s home TV Licence. However, you need a separate TV Licence for your static caravan if:

  • You’re planning to watch television programmes in your caravan during your holiday; and
  • Someone else will be at your home watching TV while you’re away

What counts as watching TV?

This includes watching or recording television programmes:

  • Live at the time they are being broadcast
  • Using an online TV service such as BBC iPlayer
  • Using a laptop, tablet computer or any other mobile device


The fine for watching TV without a licence is currently up to £1,000.

If your home television won’t be used during your holiday or if you’re not planning to watch TV while you’re on holiday, you need to let TV Licencing know that you don’t need a separate licence. You can do this by filling in a form on the TV Licencing website.

Lifesure don’t provide TV Licences but we do specialise in static caravan insurance. Call our team on 01480 402460 for a free quote.

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