Convictions can make it more difficult to find motor insurance, whether your conviction is driving related or not. But it’s not impossible. This article gives you a few dos and don’ts to help.


  • Get insurance

If you plan to drive, you need to make sure you are insured. If you don’t, you could be convicted for driving without insurance which will just make a bad situation worse.

  • Declare your convictions

When you’re getting a quote for motor insurance, you will need to declare your convictions when asked. Convictions, also known as endorsements or penalty points, “stay on your driving record for 4 or 11 years depending on the offence” (

  • Complete a SORN

If you’re not planning to drive and your vehicle will be off the road, you won’t need to insure it. However, you do need to tell the DVLA by completing and submitting a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN). You can access their form online here.

  • Shop around

Some insurance companies will have better rates than others, some more open to insuring drivers with convictions. It’s always worth shopping around to find the best policy for you. Alternatively, you could speak to an insurance broker like us and we’ll do the searching for you.

  • Consider telematics insurance

This is also known as black box car insurance. It’s where your vehicle is fitted with “black box” which monitors the way you drive and shares that information with you and your insurance company. It allows you to see how you’re doing and improve. If you drive safely, your insurance company will be able to see and adjust your premium.


  • Hide any convictions

It might be tempting to hide convictions to make your insurance premiums lower. Don’t. It’s not worth it. Not declaring convictions invalidates your insurance. That means you risk being caught for driving without insurance. If that happens, you might get another conviction which will make the situation worse.

If you’re looking for insurance and have one or more convictions, Lifesure may be able to help you find the right cover. We’ll take the time to get to know you and then search the market for a policy that meets your needs.

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