According to the Association of British Insurers (ABI) over 82,000 people claimed for flood or wind damage because of storms Dennis and Ciara in February 2020. With the UK becoming wetter with each passing decade, the risks of heavy rainfall and flash flooding present a threat to those who live in areas that are prone to flooding.

We’re able to provide flood cover for many park homes in even the highest risk flood areas in the UK, thanks to our adoption of the government backed scheme, Flood Re. Couple this with other benefits of our feature-rich policy, we’re confident we can provide you with a compelling and reassuring insurance product, specifically designed to meet your needs as a park homeowner.

What is Flood Re?

The Flood Re scheme is a levy that raises £135m every year, funded by all UK insurers that sell home insurance. It is used to partly cover the flood risks in home insurance policies, including park homes, and is managed behind the scenes by brokers and insurers to try and create as seamless an experience as possible for you, the customer.

How can Flood Re help me?

The flood Re scheme works by helping insurers to offer more affordable cover to anyone with an eligible property, which may be at risk of flooding.

Am I eligible and what are the costs?

There is a cost for including Flood Re cover in your park home policy. However, because Flood Re is an initiative that sees insurers contribute directly to the levy, premiums are minimised. If you do need to make a flood claim, there is a minimal £250 excess. You can find out if you’re eligible with this Flood Re tool.

What do I need to do if I’m eligible?

In short, nothing. You buy your park home insurance, as you would normally do, and ask to include flood cover in the policy. The insurer pays an annual levy that funds the scheme, and a fixed premium to pass on the risk. If you need to make a claim, you simply follow the standard claims process, and the insurer pays out. Flood Re then reimburses the cost of valid claims to the Insurer. You can find out more about the claims process, here.

We aim to make the whole insurance process as simple as possible for our customers, so when you call us, you’ll receive expert advice and great customer care. We’ll talk to you about your park home insurance requirements, and any other everyday insurance policies that may be needed. We believe in the mantra, ‘insurance you can trust, service as it should be.’

Want to know more?

Speak to one of our Customer Advisors today to receive a quote for your park home, in a matter of minutes. Including flood cover is just a simple part of the process – it really is as easy as having a chat with our knowledgeable team. Call 01480 402 460.

Learn more about our feature-rich park home policy here.


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