Leading park home insurance broker Lifesure is now able to provide flood cover to many park homes in even the highest risk flood areas in the UK, thanks to its adoption of the government backed scheme, Flood Re.

Lifesure is one of the only specialist park home insurance broker to implement the Flood Re process to date, as it continues to develop its park home insurance policy to help owners find the cover they need. Couple this with its already extensive policy features, designed to meet the needs of a typical park home owner, and Lifesure is confident it provides a compelling and reassuring insurance product.

The Flood Re scheme is a levy that raises £180m every year, funded by all UK insurers that sell home insurance. It is used to partly cover the flood risks in home insurance policies, including park homes, and is managed behind the scenes by brokers and insurers to try and create as seamless an experience as possible for the customer.

The established broker has been working with its park home underwriter AXA for the last year to develop the Flood Re solution and is now able to start offering this to its customers.

What does the customer need to do?

In short, nothing more than requesting a quote or accepting a renewal – just like normal. Lifesure handles all of the behind-the-scenes logistics to ensure the customer enjoys a simple and efficient purchase. The claims process is also the same as normal - the customer simply follows the standard process.

For 25 years, Lifesure has been a committed contributor to the park home community, and is always striving to offer features and solutions that meet the ever-changing and sometimes difficult circumstances faced by park home owners. Nick Long, Commercial Director of Lifesure comments: “Too many times we hear how park home owners lose out on government initiatives because they don’t live in bricks and mortar homes. We’re proud to be the first park home specialist insurance broker to find a way to protect as many park home owners as possible against the devastation that floods can cause through the Flood Re scheme. The property they own is their home, like any other, and we need to help them protect it.

“We aim to make the whole insurance process as simple as possible for our customers. When they call us they receive a multi-skilled approach to supporting them. We’ll talk about all of their park home insurance requirements, and any other everyday insurance policies that may be required. All insurances are handled by the same advisor, under one roof. We believe in the mantra ‘insurance you can trust, service as it should be’ and that’s why it was critical that we got this flood cover solution off the ground as soon as we could.”

Costs and eligibility

There is a cost for including the cover in the park home policy but, because Flood Re is an initiative that sees insurers contribute directly to the levy, customer premiums are minimised. If the owner does need to make a flood claim, there is a minimal £250 excess.

Find out more

Contact Lifesure today to receive a quote for your park home in a matter of minutes. Including flood cover is just a simple part of the process – it really is as easy as having a chat with our knowledgeable team. Call 01480 402 460.

You can learn more about our park home policy online too. It’s chock-a block with features to suit the park home community!

Terms and conditions, limitations, exclusions and acceptance criteria apply.

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