Having the right pressure in your motorhome tyres not only makes driving more enjoyable, it’s safer too. This article helps get you on the right track.

According the tyre manufacturer Michelin, you should check the pressure in your tyres once a month. When the pressure in your tyres is correct, your motorhome is easier to drive, your tyres tend to last longer and your fuel consumption is likely to be more efficient.

Tyre types

Your first step is making sure you’ve got the right type of tyres. You can buy tyres which are specifically designed for motorhomes. They are designed to prevent the vehicle from swaying, improve grip on wet surfaces and have a higher resistance to abrasion and impact.

You can also buy tyres which are optimised for different seasons. In some countries, winter tyres are a legal requirement. If you’re planning to travel abroad, it’s something to be aware of. This article by the RAC provides information about driving in popular European destinations during the winter months.

Getting the pressure right

The correct pressure for the tyres on your motorhome depends on how much the vehicle weighs. There can be a big difference between the weight of an empty motorhome and one that’s full of belongings.

To weigh your motorhome, you need to take it to a weighbridge. You can find your nearest weighbridge by typing your postcode into this GOV.UK site. Make sure the contents of your motorhome are inside and evenly distributed when you weigh it.

More information

You can find more information about motorhome tyres by visiting the following websites:

  • Tyresafe – a charity that aims to raise awareness about the importance of tyre maintenance
  • Tyrepal – a company that specialises tyre pressure monitoring equipment

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