To celebrate our 50th anniversary, we wanted to share some stories from our long-standing customers and the experiences they have had in their park homes and vehicles. The customers we spoke to were also the inspiration behind 50th Anniversary artwork, created to mark the occasion.

Our first customer is Pete, a Campervan owner from Devon, who has been a Lifesure customer for over 19 years. Pete bought his first VW Reimo campervan back in 1998, and now owns a Murvi Morrell.

As with most people daily life tends to take over, but Pete and his wife Meg still manage to spend around 4 weeks a year in the campervan. They enjoy annual trips to Fairport’s Cropredy Convention, a music festival near Banbury in Oxfordshire, which the family have attended pretty much every year, since 1983. They have also marked several occasions in the van, including Meg’s redundancy and her new venture as a driving instructor, which she did for 15 years. For Pete, the best thing about van life is the freedom it provides. “Owning a campervan gives us the flexibility to do what we want, when we want and be self-sufficient,” said Pete, when asked why he enjoyed it so much.

Pete is a true campervan enthusiast and has a wealth of knowledge and advice to share. Ensuring his van is sufficiently protected is also important to him. For Pete, Lifesure’s motorhome cover includes the necessary protection on the things that matter and dealing with a specialist insurer gives him peace of mind that he is in safe hands. “Lifesure have offered a great service over the years. They understand how they need to support me, in case of a claim,” said Pete.

Finally, Pete shared with us his list of top tips for great campervan trips.

Lists, lists and more lists

Draw up a list and keep it in the van. This should include things to pack, things to do before setting off and things to do before leaving the site.

Never use an electrical hook-up cable in its coiled state

Always fully uncoil your cable, even if your van is close to one of the site power points. Coiled cables can get hot as the heat from resistance cannot dissipate, causing a potential fire hazard.

Get to know your van before your first trip

Familiarise yourself with fuses/circuit breakers, If you know where they are. If you haven't yet found them, they’re probably concealed at the back of a cupboard. The chances are you won’t ever need to access them, but it’s always best to be prepared.

We are grateful to Pete for sharing his story, and for his custom over the years.

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