Disputes with site owners and unruly short-term renters can cause untold upset for holiday home owners – whether a static caravan or leisure home – looking to enjoy a bolthole in their dream location. Precautions can be taken to try and avoid the pitfalls but there are times when issues just can’t be avoided. That’s why Lifesure has introduced legal expenses as a handy policy enhancement for its static caravan and leisure home customers.

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The optional policy has been designed to support Lifesure’s customers in their time of need. The product team worked with the underwriter, UK General Insurance Ltd, to provide a policy that responds to the most common issues and risks associated with owning a holiday home in the UK. These include consumer contract disputes, protecting domestic property, professional negligence and legal defence.

Customers who take out the policy could claim for up to £50,000 cover for any legal expenses incurred for disputes over something they buy or sell, including disputes arising from letting the property on a short-term basis and for disputes with the owner of the site. When things go wrong and the property is damaged by a third party, cover is there to pursue compensation, and even helps to evict unauthorised guests, for example if squatters break in while the property is unoccupied or if any guests refuse to leave after letting out the property.

Just like other legal expense policies, this enhancement covers the policyholder if they have to pursue or recover damages for death or bodily injury following an accident, and there is access to dedicated legal and tax advice helplines when the policyholder needs them most.

Existing customers can add the enhancement to their static caravan or leisure home cover at any time during their policy period, and new customers can add it from day one. At just £12 per year, or around £1 per month, it is a compelling product for property owners keen to protect against common risks.

As with any insurance policy, there are limitations and exclusions. Disputes below £100 should be resolved without requiring legal expenses, and the £50,000 limit applies both on a per claim and aggregate basis.

Existing policy with us? Call our team now to add legal expenses: 01480 402 460

Full features, benefits, limitations and exclusions can be found within the Leisure Home Legal Expenses policy document.

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