Fob-operated car locking and alarm systems are incredibly convenient – all you need to do is press a button while you’re somewhere in the vicinity of your vehicle. No more unsightly scratches around the lock! No more trying to find the keyhole in a dimly-lit corner without causing too many of the aforementioned scratches! However, convenience does, usually, come at a price. We’re not talking about the financial cost of a car, caravan or motorhome, although that’s not insignificant, rather the potential downsides of having a technology-controlled security system. As you will have seen with the internet, telephone banking, phishing scams and so on, where there is outstandingly useful and convenient technology, there’s generally someone less than scrupulous waiting to take advantage of its weaknesses.

While it may be unimaginable to the majority of people (us included!), deciphering the coding behind the key fobs and programming devices to unlock various vehicles does not pose too much of a challenge for the more opportunistic, less-than-squeaky-clean techy types out there. Small devices able to unlock vehicles with remote electronic locking have been reported to have been used in numerous instances of break-ins worldwide and, as technology tends to go, these are only likely to become more widespread. High-end cars, whose manufacturers use the most sophisticated technology, are equally at risk as their more affordable counterparts – David Beckham’s BMW was stolen by laptop-wielding thieves a decade ago.

Despite an overall decline in the number of cars being stolen in the UK – thefts occur approximately 70 per cent less now than they did forty years ago, according to the RAC – experts warn that the drop in numbers is actually hiding a significant rise in electronic-enabled thefts.

Going back to financial investments, caravans and motorhomes represent quite a significant one on the part of most owners. Aside from your home, it is likely that your caravan or motorhome is your most expensive purchase or, at least, one of them. You’ve spent thousands of pounds on the van itself, you’ve shelled out for pitch fees, maintenance costs, upgrades, gadgets and home comforts, so the last thing you want is for someone else to get their hands on it.

Protecting your caravan or motorhome against electronic theft

While we do, of course, trust that manufacturers and their technology experts are doing everything they possibly can to keep would-be thieves out of the vehicles they produce, we firmly believe that it’s far better to be safe than sorry. Rather than taking your chances and potentially allowing criminals with a transponder to gain access to your belongings, or to steal the vehicle itself, we can recommend Outsmart the Thief’s Titanium range of security devices.

Outsmart the Thief and the Titanium range

The key facts you need to know about Outsmart the Thief, the manufacturers of the Titanium range, are:

  • They have over twenty years’ experience in the vehicle security field
  • All security devices receive 24 hour monitoring, 365 days a year
  • Users can avail of telephone support 24/7
  • Installation of Titanium security devices is free of charge across the UK
  • Users of the security system can rest assured in the knowledge that Outsmart the Thief offer very fast response times and location tracking

Here’s what Outsmart the Thief have to say about Titanium security

After all, they are the experts, so can explain it far better than us.

Motorhome Security System:

‘TITANIUM’ is a new generation of motorhome security system that is fully TUV accredited. It’s an integrated three in one system – engine immobiliser, motorhome alarm and tracking system, coming as standard with our trademark features ‘LockDown®’ and ‘SafeStop™’.

Now we have thrown the rule book out of the window!

Again an exclusive bespoke motorhome security system, manufactured for Outsmart the Thief Ltd by world-renowned Italian specialist company Gemini Technologies. Still comprising a small single unit, modest wiring loom combined with siren and PIR movement detector, two remote activation fobs and dash mounted dongle-park. Titanium can be fitted to all makes of motorhome or campervan; it can operate on a multiplex of vehicle platforms using analogue and digital signals. It even monitors the engine battery and alerts when tampered with, and has its own back-up battery built-in.

Titanium also allows numerous unique options/additions to be made to personalise your unit to your own needs – be it wireless multiple locker and windows contacts, panic button, wireless movement detectors, 24-hour bike loop, even a fire detector is also available.

Tracking systems were only successful in the past because the thief didn’t expect one to be fitted. Now he does and if found and ripped out, then the motorhome could be long gone – not so with Titanium. If found and wiring cut or even tampered with, say via the OBD port (vehicle on-board diagnostics) the unit recognises that it’s being targeted and attacked. The control centre is alerted, but its fail safe mode within the software means the vehicles engine cannot be started. The targeted motorhome maybe damaged or wounded – but NOT stolen!

Further features allow the unit to be activated while the owners or pets are inside without falsely triggering the alarm. If for any reason the alarm is sounded – say you forgot to disarm before unlocking, then as for any alert the control centre will telephone a stored mobile/home telephone number to advise you of the alert.

Motorhomes demand devices with low power consumption, something most other security systems cannot offer! Our product has an ultra-low battery drain of less that 4ma, considerably less than all its competitors, In fact with several individual ‘off the shelf’ devices fitted, battery drain can be worryingly high. Hence some systems sleep, making them an easier target to professionals, Titanium never goes to sleep.

Tracking is available 24/7 across Europe and beyond, the unit reporting and storing its last location when parked, or reporting every four seconds whilst on the move. Unauthorised entry, of course triggers the alarm along with the monitoring centre, who even know the point of attack.

There are also two ‘intelligent’ self-levelling tilt sensors protecting the motorhome, which will detect any movement along or across the vehicle. This will send an alert if the motorhome is tilted for any reason. Our attention to detail is revealed when arming the system – using either of the two supplied rolling-coded key fobs, the lights flash twice for ON and three times for OFF – with no audible sound.

Should the thief ever manage to steal your motorhome, say with the system turned off or under duress then the SafeStop™ command can be sent to render the engine ‘dead’ upon noting zero speed. This also will set off the alarm siren and flash the hazard lights.

Outsmart the Thief Ltd have a dedicated nationwide fitting team, who can arrange an appointment at your home address or a growing network of select dealerships can now fit Titanium to your new motorhome before delivery, giving you peace of mind in this new wave of security. The whole system is also transferable from customer to new owner or from one vehicle to another.”

With over 95% of vehicles being stolen using either their physical key or using an electronic device, we fully agree with Outsmart the Thief’s statement that you need a 21st century solution to protect your 21st century vehicle.

In addition to the Motorhome Security System, which is designed to prevent your motorhome from being stolen in the first place, the Titanium range includes:

You can find everything you need to know about the Titanium system, and Outsmart the Thief here.

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