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Caravan and Motorhome Apps

Smartphone Apps For Caravan And Motorhome Owners

With a wide range of apps to help you on your caravan holidays, from site finders to ideas for days out to caravan levellers - start planning your trip here

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How to Safely Transport Bicycles

How To Safely Transport Bicycles

With various options available to those wishing to transport their bikes on the back of a vehicle, it can be a bit confusing. We look at the differences.

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Central Registration & Identification Scheme

Caravan Registration Scheme – Why You Need To Register

CRiS is the national register for touring caravan owners in the UK and there are numerous advantages to signing up including help if it gets stolen.

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Tyre Components

A Comprehensive Guide To Tyres

Everything you need to know about tyres. The new ratings, how to change a tyre, are winter tyres necessary, tyre markings, choosing the right tyres and more

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Step Up Bathroom

Cracked Shower? Speedcoat It!

Caravan and motorhome owners will be aware of the problems of cracked showers. Fortunately there is a solution that doesn't involve replacing the whole unit

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Mazda Bongo Ford Freda

Mazda Bongo Towing Weights

If you wish to tow with your Mazda Bongo it can be difficult to find out what is legal. Here is our guide to towing safely with your Bongo

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Cool My Camper

How Cool Is Your Camper?

In the past cooling yourself down in a caravan or motorhome meant opening the doors and windows and hoping for a through breeze. There is now an alternative

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Winter Caravanning Tips

Winter Caravanning Tips

Modern caravans with their new construction and heating systems mean that caravanning all year round is now feasible. Read our guide to staying comfortable.

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Caravan Motorhome

Long Journey? Make An Overnight Stop At A Motorway Service Area

It is not advisable to drive long distances in one go regardless of whether you are towing or not. Some motorway service areas allow overnight parking.

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Motorhome In The Cold Weather

Using Your Motorhome In Cold Weather

If you plan to use your motorhome during the autumn or winter, bear in mind that you will need to do things slightly differently than during the summer.

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TV License For Caravan

Do You Hold A TV Licence For Your Static Caravan?

The home TV licence is only valid for use in the types of holiday accommodation when the home TV will never be used at the same time as that in the caravan.

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Caravan Wing Mirrors

Caravan Towing Mirrors – Make Sure You Know The Law

Towing mirrors are a legal requirement for the majority of cars including 4x4’s that are towing a caravan or trailer. Read our free guide to staying legal.

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