As summer wanes and seasonal blooms begin to wither, it’s time to prepare your garden for the winter ahead, and the spring that will follow.

Autumn gardening plays a vital role in ensuring that you get the best outcomes and growth for the following year. To keep your autumn garden in great shape, forward planning is a must, and September is the time to start preparing for the turn of the season.

We have created an essential gardening checklist of jobs to carry-out from September onwards, to ensure you fully prepared:

• Deadhead roses

• Rake your lawn, aerate, and apply autumn fertiliser

• Sow new lawns, if needed

• Clean and cover garden furniture

• Maintain your fruit or herb garden, and vegetable patch

• Collect seeds and take cuttings from your favourite plants

• Divide up perennials

• Buy, prepare, and plant winter flowers – blooms such as Calendula, Winter Jasmine and Snowdrops can create a colourful winter landscape. You can fill containers with winter-blooming annuals like pansies and violas, and plant perennials in the landscape for colour that returns year after year.

RHS have prepared a more detailed autumn gardening schedule which can easily be accessed by clicking the links below:

September Gardening Schedule

October Gardening Schedule

November Gardening Schedule

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