81% of campervan drivers confident on A roads, but struggle with narrow B roads new survey finds.

We've been working with RAC to learn about the driving habits of our motorhome and campervan insurance customers. Here is the article RAC wrote, to sum up the findings of our recent survey.

A new survey by campervan and motorhome insurance broker, Lifesure, has discovered that drivers are comfortable driving on A roads but less confident when the roads get narrower.

From the 1,200 motorhome and campervan insurance customers who completed the survey, almost 50% said driving down narrow country roads was the biggest challenge they faced. So, whether a seasoned or new driver, it seems the size of the vehicle and visibility are a concern as the roads get smaller.

Lifesure also reported that 25% of customer motorhome and campervan insurance claims in 2022 were due to driving practices such as parking, reversing and turning.

As well as knowing your vehicle’s dimensions and feeling confident manoeuvring it there are a number of other factors that motorhome and campervan drivers find challenging. So to help drivers, the RAC, in conjunction with Lifesure, have come up with a list of hints and tips.


The route you take is important and with forward planning you can avoid narrower roads in favour for motorways and A roads. Make sure you download your route to your satnav as that way should you lose signal, you still know where to go.


Make sure you check the route for sharp turns, large hills and tunnels as all of these are much more challenging in a motorhome. If there are tunnels, make sure you can fit underneath by knowing your vehicle’s dimensions.


You can buy specific vehicle cameras that will help you when reversing, parking or manoeuvring. They are simple to install and can make driving much easier.

Check list

Make sure you do a pre-journey check

Simple vehicle checks can help prevent a breakdown. And being prepared can stop a breakdown turning into a dangerous situation, such as packing torches, blankets and other provisions. The RAC has put together this list to help.

The right cover

Make sure you have adequate breakdown cover. Lifesure offer breakdown for motorhomes, you can read more here . Should you be unfortunate enough to find yourself in a breakdown situation, then here’s what to do in the event of a breakdown.

As a new motorhome owner, Lifesure’s Driving Your Motorhome guide can help you feel prepared before hitting the road.

For further useful information on driving your motorhome or campervan, see Lifesure’s handy guides

Content written by RAC, using statics from a motorhome and campervan customer survey, carried out by Lifesure in May 2023.

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