Storing your motorhome is something that needs careful consideration. When you’ve invested your money in a luxury item such as a motorhome, the security of your prized asset will probably be at the forefront of your priority list. You wouldn’t buy a Bugatti Veyron and park it on the pavement outside your house, would you?

How you store your motorhome not only plays a big part in keeping your motorhome secure, but also has a bearing on the insurance premium you pay.

When you get a quote for a comprehensive motorhome policy with us, you will be asked to supply details of where you intend on storing your motorhome. It’s important to be honest about this as if you say it’s on your driveway, then you won’t be covered if you park on the public road outside your home.

The three options you will be asked to choose from are:

• Driveway

• Garage

• Road

To avoid any confusion, which could ultimately affect a claim, our infographic explains what is meant by of each of the above:

Generally, the most cost-effective way to secure your motorhome is in a locked garage, on your property. However, due to the size of a motorhome, standard domestic garages are rarely big enough to accommodate them, unless purpose built.

Storage sites are a good option when space on your property is lacking. Storing your motorhome in a storage facility would fall into the ‘driveway’ storage endorsement category, as it is on secure private land. Premiums are set based on storage location and type as well as postcode. As storage sites are generally renowned for having less break-ins and thefts, this will have a positive effect of the premium you pay. Please be aware that not all storage sites are as safe as they claim to be. It’s advisable to check the site’s security and be sure that it has the following in place, as a minimum standard:

Reputable motorhome storage sites will have public liability insurance and owners’ liability insurance, which may cover you if there is a fire or flood but are unlikely to cover accidental damage to your motorhome.

We recommend seeking out a CASSOA site for motorhome storage. CASSOA sites are rated bronze, silver, and gold, depending on level of security and service available and can hold up to 500 vehicles, in some locations.

For further details on our feature-rich motorhome policies, check out our motorhome insurance page, or speak to one of our helpful and knowledgeable customer advisors on 01480 402 460.

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