You’ve purchased the van, gone through the highs and lows of self-converting (or perhaps even used an expert company) to create your home away from home, and now it’s time to sort the insurance. But, it seems, you may find a bump in the road.

We know the terms for insuring your campervan will typically require that your V5 document shows the vehicle type as motorcaravan, but it seems the DVLA won’t reclassify your van that easily when you attempt to re-register as a motorcaravan. According to evidence we’ve seen from various customers, if the exterior still resembles a van this won’t satisfy the DVLA’s criteria, despite their rules only stipulating the requirements internally. Confused? So are many of our customers.

It doesn’t have to mean the end of your campervan dream though. Not when you’re with Lifesure, at least. Working with some of the leading insurers in the UK has its benefits, as our policy providers are more than happy to insure your campervan with the original classification on your V5, as long as you can provide evidence that the van has been converted to a campervan. Photos of your converted van, showing both the interior and exterior so we can check for campervan features, or a receipt from a professional converting company, are all we need to start the policy application. And we’ll even give you 30 days from the start of your policy to send in your photos and/or receipts.

And if you’re just getting started with the self-conversion but still need to insure the vehicle, we can provide motorhome cover for 90 days to give you time to complete the works before you need to send us the evidence. There aren’t many brokers who can offer that kind of support and flexibility.

It’s not just our flexibility that makes us the go-to insurance broker for your pride and joy. There are many reasons why we already insure thousands of motorhomes in the UK…

  • We have specialised in motorhome insurance for more than 30 years
  • Unlike most brokers we have a panel of specialist insurers to ensure we can find the right policy to meet your needs
  • Our specialist cover has been developed over the years from customer feedback – we cover what motorhome owners need
  • We offer Substitute Motorhome and Legal cover as an optional extra to continue your holiday following a claim, and our breakdown cover can also help keep you on the open road
  • We only use A Rated (financially secure) insurers for your peace of mind and to make sure you are fully protected should the worst happen
  • We cover personal belongings as standard

Don’t let the DVLA’s rules dampen your dreams of feeling at home on the open road. Our team is ready to get your self-converted campervan covered so all you have to do is get ready to #MotorhomeAndRoam! Take a look at our motorhome insurance and our motorhome insurance reviews here.

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