This two-part blog post features tips compiled by Maguires Country Parks as they draw on their experience to advise potential static caravan owners of the things you should consider before buying.

Buying a static caravan as a family holiday home is not something you should take lightly. Different to a traditional investment, it is often referred to as a 'Leisure Investment', meaning that the gains are recouped over time and not only in financial terms. In this post, we discuss the advantages of buying a static caravan as well as the things you should consider before doing so.

Why buy?

First things first: why are you buying a static caravan and what do you expect to get from your investment? It may seem an obvious enough question but you'd be surprised at just how many people haven't really considered it, nor what they really want from their purchase.

Do your research

Buying a static holiday home is a big deal and a big investment. Do not jump into such a decision lightly but do your research on holiday parks in your preferred area. Don't forget that every holiday park is different and what might be ideal for a couple may not be so great for a family with three children.

Know what you want

Knowing exactly what you want from a holiday home is the most important aspect when shopping for a static caravan. And keep in mind: a static caravan is not for a one-off holiday but a place that you'll return to time and time again. For that reason, it is important that you choose a holiday park that offers multiple attractions and has a diverse range of surroundings to explore and enjoy.


Buying static caravans to let is big business. If you intend to let your static caravan it's essential that you check first with the holiday park as not all parks permit letting. Likewise, if part of your dream of owning a static caravan is being a part of a regular revolving community then be careful to buy your caravan on a non-letting site.

Disabled access

Facilities for disabled access is another important factor to consider when purchasing a holiday home. Thankfully nowadays more and more holiday homes are disability friendly. Disabled access is equally important if you will be letting your caravan.

How much does a static caravan cost?

As with all vehicles and property, prices widely vary according to size, age and model. You can buy an old, pre-owned static caravan for as little as £1,000, whereas, a brand-new top of the range model can cost as much as £150,000. It's really more a question of what you can afford to pay and then doing your research to discover the best static caravan that amount of money can buy you.

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Read further tips to consider before buying a static caravan holiday home in part 2, available here.

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