Not-for-profit organisation TyreSafe have been providing valuable tyre safety information to us all for ten years now, and have just updated their repertoire of tools and resources in time for this year’s holiday season. In addition to the wealth of resources already available on the TyreSafe website, there is now an incredibly handy online tyre pressure checker.

Car & Caravan Tyre Pressure Checkers

When you use the online pressure checker, make sure to use the correct one for the vehicle in question.

The car tyre pressure checker can be found here, while those dealing with caravans should use this version.

Before you can use either calculator, you will need to have three pieces of information to hand. That is the caravan’s maximum technically permissible laden mass (MTPLM), number of road wheels and tyre size (load index), or a car’s make and model.

Caravan Tyre Safety Guide

Another TyreSafe resource which may prove invaluable to caravan owners is their animated video guide to caravan tyre safety. If you would like to learn more, or brush up on your existing knowledge, here’s the video:

Speaking about the importance of tyre safety when using a caravan, and why the animated guide and online calculators have been created and launched, TyreSafe’s chairman, Stuart Jackson, explained “A caravan's tyres are a fundamental part of its suspension system and they also need to be able to deal with a range of issues relating to loading, making them a crucial element of the vehicle. It is essential to safety when towing a caravan that its tyres are roadworthy, at the correct pressure and have at least the minimum legal tread depth. TyreSafe's new animation will guide owners through the necessary checks while the pressure calculator provides them with a dependable reference to find the correct inflation levels."

He continued, "In combination, these two new resources from TyreSafe offer caravan owners across the country the opportunity to improve their safety on the roads and the safety of those around them."

Take care when using the pressure checker

As with other resources, it is important not to take the pressure checker results as being completely accurate. While TyreSafe have, of course, made every effort to ensure the resource is as accurate as possible, there are a number of factors which may affect the required tyre pressure for a particular set up.

The car or caravan’s manufacturer-produced owner’s manual should always be the first port of call when it comes to checking ideal tyre pressure.

If you would like to know more about tyres, then we would recommend reading our previous article on A Comprehensive Guide to Tyres.

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