Given that the purpose of buying a static caravan is to pitch it in one spot long-term, it’s important to make sure that your chosen site meets your requirements and is somewhere you will be happy to stay. When coming to an agreement with the site owner, keep an eye on the terms and conditions for anything which may prove to be unfair.

Questions to ask

  • Price, age and specifics about the caravan
  • Transportation, siting and commissioning costs
  • Rate of depreciation
  • Criteria for determining if a caravan is no longer up to park standards
  • Location, type and size of the pitch
  • How long the license is issued for and how it can be renewed
  • Planning permission on the park
  • Any local authority conditions which may affect you and your caravan
  • Opening times of the park throughout the year
  • Arrangements for winter storage
  • Amenities and services provided
  • Planned maintenance or development on-site
  • Annual pitch usage fee and how it can be paid
  • Criteria for increases in fees and details of past changes for reference
  • Utility costs
  • Insurance requirements – must the park’s block insurance be used? Are there penalties for not using it?
  • Any other fees and charges
  • Restrictions on transfer of ownership
  • Circumstances where your caravan could be moved from the park
  • Notice and refunds policy

Small print to beware of

  • Exclusions to the park owner’s liabilities
  • Any unfair penalties, restrictions or obligations imposed on you
  • Unclear fees, charges or payment schedule
  • Permission for the owner to move your caravan or change your pitch without notice
  • Excessive fees and charges

Have you experienced any unfair terms in your contract - if so we'd like to hear about them. Please leave a comment below.

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