What are the benefits of using an insurance broker?

There are a number of ways to purchase insurance policies; maybe you buy direct, through a comparison website like comparethemarket or by contacting a broker. With so many options and deals to consider, it can be a minefield of information to sift through. So, let us try and clarify some of the jargon so you can find the best deal.

So what advantages are there to using a broker

At Lifesure, we have many years’ experience in the leisure insurance market, which means we can use our extensive knowledge and research to offer a range of policies with a number of benefits. Our understanding of the markets help us provide a variety of policies that may suit the type of claims you could experience, the value of those claims and any extra features that may enhance your needs and cover the items we know matter.

What is an A-rated Insurer, and why does it matter?

In the UK, there isn’t any legal requirement to be an ‘A’ rated insurer; however, having a rating reflects the financial strength of an insurer and its ability to pay out should you need to make a claim. The scale used for ratings can range from A-C. ‘A’ indicating a strong ability to pay claims, should the worst happen. At Lifesure, many of our insurers are A-rated as we want our customers to have a good level of protection if they need to make a claim. We believe that by working with trusted and secure companies that have good claims and compliance records, will reassure our customers, and provide peace of mind.

Claims support – a vital part of our service!

During the claims process, customer service and satisfaction are more important than ever. We are available to assist customers should they need to make a claim and lend a hand and support if things get complicated. The insurers we choose provide a good level customer claims experience or use trusted claims providers, who we regularly review to make sure you are receiving a good service.

Lifesure is both an advised broker and non-advised broker, so what does that mean?

Sometimes there may be only one insurance policy available to you depending on the type of insurance you are looking to buy and therefore you wouldn’t need the advised broker knowledge. However, if you are buying insurance for a motorhome for example and there are a number of options available, an advised broker would be able to explain and recommend why a particular policy would meet your needs and demands. Having that advised broker knowledge can help you understand what is included in the policy and, importantly what is not.

Caring and friendly advisors

Lifesure is an independent family-run insurance broker founded on providing excellent customer service. Our advisors are trained in their field and want to make sure you buy a policy that is right for you. Calling an advisor will allow you to have that personal touch and give you a chance to ask those additional questions or raise any concerns. Our advisors will also inform you of the features you are covered for and let you know which enhancements are available to you so that you can make any necessary upgrades. Ensuring you have the right protection is part of our goal, but don’t just take our word for it; we have achieved a platinum award status with Feefo, an independent review site with 97% of reviews reaching 4 and 5 stars*!

So, remember, buying insurance through a broker can give you many benefits and advantages and, in some instances, save you money! Click here to get in touch.

*Based on Feefo data as of 1st April 2021

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