As a new motorhome or campervan owner, you’ll soon come to realise the importance of a well-functioning leisure battery.

There may be times when no electric hook-up point is available to you and you will have to rely on a leisure battery to power 12V appliances such as lights, and kitchen appliances such as fridges and low wattage kettles.

Leisure batteries aren’t the same as the starter battery found under the bonnet of your vehicle. Vehicle batteries are designed to supply a fast burst of energy and use more energy, per start-up, while motorhome and campervan batteries supply a steady level of power, over a prolonged period. For information on the type of battery your motorhome or campervan needs, Alpha Batteries explain all here.


Keeping your leisure battery topped up is essential for functionality and longevity, and can be charged via the following methods:

• While driving

• By installing a solar panel system

• With a hook-up battery charger

• By using a generator

How long you need to charge your leisure battery for will depend on its level of discharge, and the type of battery. Sometimes, it can take around one or two days to reach its maximum charge capacity.

How long do leisure batteries last?

As with any rechargeable battery, its performance will decrease over time. This means you can probably expect to replace your leisure battery every five years. Our infographic highlights some points you should bear in mind, to get the most from your battery.

What Affects Leisure Battery Performance?

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