Is Your Windscreen Clear?

Is Your Windscreen Clear?

Posted on December 17, 2013 by

Sat Nav on windscreen with cross throughAre you aware that earlier in 2013 the law changed regarding your vision as a driver through the windscreen?

The Highway Code has been amended to say that “windscreens and windows MUST be kept clean and free from obstructions to vision”.  This means that any windscreen mounted mobile phone holders or sat nav holders could now be considered illegal by the police and potentially land you with points on your driving licence and / or a fine.

However, before you throw out your current holder there is a chance that it will fit on to the award winning CD Slot Mount.

Designed by Gary Smith and made in the UK, the CD Slot Mount does exactly what its name suggests.  It is a very simple design (the best ones often are), of a piece of rigid, lightweight plastic that neatly fits into your car CD player.  Your mobile phone or sat nav device then fixes onto the mount with a sticky pad surface that holds just about anything.  The simple sticky pad is also a brilliant invention, as it does not leave any residue on your phone and is extremely easy to use.

As the mount is slim it is very easy to remove and hide away from prying eyes unlike bulkier holders and obviously will not leave telltale marks on your windscreen and this was one of the reasons that Gary designed the mount in the first place having had thieves break in and steal his sat nav.  Not just suitable for keeping your phone or portable sat nav in place, the mount will also hold MP3 players, keys or coins.  As the mount stays close to the dashboard, wires attached to your device can be kept safely out of the way.

Gary came upon the idea when he was trying to find a phone holder that didn’t attach either to the windscreen or to the top of his dashboard.  After disregarding the option of drilling holes (!) into the dashboard to hold a bracket, he fortunately had a eureka brainwave and the initial idea for the CD Slot Mount was born.

The CD Mount has been cleverly designed, as it does not impede the playing of CD’s whilst you are driving.  The ‘arms’ that fit inside your CD player have been carefully measured so that they do not touch the CD or any moving parts.  Nor does it have a clamp or use magnetic force unlike many other holders.

CD Slot mountThis device is so simple and easy to use that we are surprised that no one thought of it years ago.  And we are obviously not the only ones who think this as Gary won British Invention of the Year 2012, beating hundreds of other designs to the coveted award.

From personal experience, if you wish to attach your current phone holder to the CD Slot Mount, I would carefully remove the sticky pad, and just attach your suction mounted holder directly to the plastic disc.  The reusable sticky pad can be covered on both sides with film to keep for future use and reattached to the mount when necessary.

If after numerous uses the pad becomes less sticky, it can be ‘re-charged’ by simply rinsing under a cold water tap to renew pad stickiness as required and allowing to dry.

To see a video about the CD Slot Mount, or to buy one, visit the website at

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Ben FALAT 26th December 2013

So, which takes precedence?
(a) Keep the screen ‘clear’, -or- , (b) Display a Tax-Disc in the Windscreen, -or- , (c) Affix a Rear-View Mirror to the Windscreen.

When I came back from European Union Continental driving I had Carnets displayed (x4) for Car + Trailer, and had a Motorway Tolls Puck.


    Sandra Hamilton 2nd January 2014

    My understanding is that a tax disc and rear view mirror are legal requirements and therefore are fine, anything else could be deemed to be an obstruction and possibly also a distraction.


Ben FALAT 26th December 2013

For a Clear Windscreen, have you heard of using a freshly cut Potato on it?
Wiped across the glass, this helps prevent condensation settling.


Brian Pritchard 1st February 2014

I do not know how the traffic police can possibly see if we have attachments on the windscreen when the view from police cars is so heavily obstructed with the
cameras / and other enforcement tools.

On another note the displaying of tax discs is soon to be cancelled out as the
police will rely on the databases to identify untaxed vehicles in the same way
as they now detect uninsured drivers. Hopefully this will not require another
vehicle plate recognition camera in the windscreen.


Geraint Roberts 1st February 2014

Good idea, but my concern is that you have to look down to see it, and take your eyes off the road!


Roger Finch 2nd February 2014

I purchased one of these CD Slot mounts and quickly stopped using it.
Although it doesn’t obscure the windscreen, it obscures the radio, hence a need to look under cd holder to ascertain which station you are tuned to (Ford). Once fixed to the holder it is very difficult to remove. It necessitates storing satnav attached to cd slot mount, very cumbersome. Then for some unknown reason, if left attached to the mount and also left in the slot whilst on my drive, the sat nav has ended up on the floor, detached from mount. Finally there is a claim that you can still use the CD. Didn’t try it due to fiddle of removing Mount and Sat Nav to insert a disc


Brian Coleman 3rd February 2014

This CD Slot Mount is one of the most useful things that I have ever purchased, It does exactly what It claims.

The sat nav is in an ideal position for viewing and no sucker marks left to see. Also It was delivered very quickly

I’ve been using the CD Slot Mount since buying it in January when PayPal first advertised them. I have to say, honestly, that I couldn’t live without it now.

I have my phone plugged into the car stereo as a sat nav, handsfree kit and music player. It’s certainly much safer like that rather than having to keep reaching up to the screen to change tracks or answer a call.

It also gets rid of the need for unsightly leads all over the dashboard. Definitely worth a Tenner. I’ll still be using it in many years to come.


Trish Blamire 14th February 2014

It’s states that
‘any windscreen mounted mobile phone holders or sat nav holders could now be considered illegal by the police ‘
Could someone please define what ‘could’ means in this case. Are they or aren’t they illegal when mounted on the windscreen.


    Sandra Hamilton 17th February 2014

    Hi Trish,

    Technically anything other than a rear view mirror and a tax disc that is fixed to your windscreen is illegal as stated in the Highway Code.

    Where things become a little more grey, is down to the interpretation of the code by the police and I cannot comment on what an individual officer would do or say. I suspect that it is unlikely that you would be pulled over solely for having a sat nav on your windscreen, but if you were committing another offence at the same time, you could be fined.

    I am not aware of anyone actually being fined yet for having a sat nav attached, but we felt it was a responsible thing to do to let our customers know about this change and a possible solution.


Roger Hickman 23rd April 2014

Ref Windscreen obstructions: The Highway Code, new or otherwise, is just that! it is a code, it is not the law. Any enfotcement of laws that are “open to interpretation” are not “discretionary” and are always worth contesting.


    Sandra Hamilton 24th April 2014

    Hi Roger,

    Thank you for your comment.

    According to the section dealing with the Highway Code on the website it says –

    Many of the rules in The Highway Code are legal requirements, and if you disobey these rules you are committing a criminal offence. You may be fined, given penalty points on your licence or be disqualified from driving. In the most serious cases you may be sent to prison. Such rules are identified by the use of the words ‘MUST/MUST NOT’.