The Arty Side Of Cornwall

The Arty Side Of Cornwall

Posted on August 24, 2016 by

Barbara Hepworth sculpture

You may think we have covered everything you could possibly want to know about Cornwall, and we very nearly have. However, one aspect of Cornish life we haven’t written about yet is art.

Whether you are interested in visiting galleries and museums to experience the works of some of the greats, or you would like a more hands-on approach in the guise of art classes and workshops, Cornwall has something to suit you. As we have all learned by now, the region really does have something to offer everyone.

For a little art and culture in your Cornish itinerary, here’s where to start your search.

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Discovering the art of Cornwall

Looe harbour

Looe harbour

Exhibitions and Galleries

Whichever school of art your preferences lie in, the Artists in Cornwall website is an excellent place to start. From a guide to which artists to look out for in your chosen field, to plenty of useful resources, the website even has an online shop so you don’t need to do any legwork to find some excellent pieces.

Tate St Ives

Although the Tate itself is closed until Spring 2017, the Barbara Hepworth Museum and Sculpture Garden remains open and is definitely worth a visit. The museum offers a valuable insight into the life of the 20th century artist, with an array of sculpture, paintings and more on display.

Of course, if you’re planning to visit Cornwall after the Tate St Ives reopens, we would highly recommend adding it to your shortlist.

Some of the other galleries worth exploring during your Cornish trip include the following:

St Ives has long been a base and muse for painters, making it a must-see on the itinerary of any art enthusiast.

Man painting on Cornish seafrontArt Classes and Workshops

Sometimes simply appreciating great art isn’t enough – sometimes it inspires a desire to create something of your own. Perhaps it’ll be the push you need to rediscover a neglected favourite pastime?

Newlyn Art School

Newlyn Art School offers a wide range of art courses, many of which are taught by well-known artists based in and around Cornwall. The 35 courses listed in the prospectus include 1 week-long landscape painting, weekend courses running over the course of a year and painting holidays on Tresco Island.

The list of tutors is just as impressive as the list of courses.

Remember to book in advance if you intend to take some classes at Newlyn.

St Ives School of Painting

As we mentioned earlier, St Ives has long been a favourite with the artists of Cornwall, making it entirely unsurprising that the town hosts an excellent art school.

From art holidays and long courses to more casual evening workshops, this is the place to go if you want to improve your painting skills in Cornwall.

Again, make sure to book in advance once you spot a course you’d like to attend.

Callington Art School

This residential art school in the Tamar Valley offers a range of courses suitable for artists of all abilities, from complete novice to seasoned expert.

The courses are either one, three or six days long, with accommodation in a 4-star Georgian townhouse available.

Have a look at the Callington Art School website now to see what’s running during the remainder of 2016.


The Kuriologist 5th May 2017

Cornwall has a wealth of artists, many untrained, but many are hidden. There are those who do fit in with the main stream gallery or tourist leaning artwork. Take this exhibition by a disabled artist, housebound for years.

Kuriology Sculpture – ‘From behind closed doors’

A FREE to enter exhibition of a local disabled ‘outsider’ artist’s sculptures
To be held at Helston Museum Gallery. 22nd June to 1st July 2017

See youtube video:

An exhibition of ‘mixed media’ sculptures primarily created using reused, recycled & re-purposed materials. Using objects gleaned from car boot sales & charity shops on rare trips out with Red Cross initiated befriender &/or more latterly the artist’s disability service dog.

The sculptures reflect a love of museum ‘Cabinets of Curiosities’, Natural History, Taxidermy, witchcraft & pagan folklore, as well as figurative sculptures influenced by Greek/Roman mythology & history.

“Housebound on disability benefits for 10yrs means a lot of time, but few resources to teach oneself to sculpt” – The Kuriologist

There is also a justgiving fundraising appeal to help meet the artist’s costs of staging the exhibition

NB: Commission on sales of Kuriologist sculptures sold at exhibition will help fund award winning Helston Museum in Cornwall