7 Ways To Get Fit And Have Fun

7 Ways To Get Fit And Have Fun

Posted on January 4, 2017 by


It’s January. Traditionally a time to hit the gym to work off your ‘one too many’ roast potatoes and mince pies.

If jogging on a machine isn’t for you, check out our 7 alternative sports with a difference.


1. Tag rugby

In tag rugby, you run, pass and score as normal but there’s no tackling, so you won’t be getting a face full of cold winter mud!

If the thought of meeting new people is enough to get you off the sofa, then this is a fabulous sport to give a go. Discover more below.


What is Tag Rugby? video


2. Handball

The most popular women’s team sport in Europe, Handball is fast paced and action filled. What’s more, it’s played indoors on a nice warm court.

Intrigued? Check out the final of the 2016 Euro Championships here.


Netherlands vs Norway Final Highlights EHF EURO 2016


3. Ballroom dancing

Inspired by Strictly Come Dancing? Pick up your dance shoes and head to your local dance club. There are lots of classes and plenty of dance styles to try, from exotic Salsa to elegant Waltz.

Get in the mood watching Ore Oduba and Joanne Clifton in action in the 2016 Strictly final.


Ore Oduba & Joanne Clifton Showdance


4. Dodgeball

Not just a funny film, Dodgeball is a real sport with clubs across the UK (http://ukdba.org/club-finder/). A little bit crazy, Dodgeball is a good cardio exercise and a great laugh!

See the pros in action at the World Dodgeball Championships 2016.


World Dodgeball Championships 2016


5. Wakeboarding

A cross between snowboarding and surfing, wakeboarding is a lot of fun. Whether you’re being towed by boat or on a cable system, there are plenty of lakes offering lessons across the UK. Great for your legs, arms and core, this sport will also fine tune your balance.

With lots of practice you might end up doing this – click here.


Wakeboarding Demo Day


6. Horse riding

Not just for prep school girls on Shetland ponies, horse riding is just as popular with adults. You don’t have to live in the country to enjoy this sport; there are stables across the UK. Great for core strength, balance, confidence and cardio – 10 minutes of a rising trot is just as good a workout as doing squats in the gym, and far more fun!

Be inspired by Charlotte Dujardin’s World Record Breaking Freestyle test at London Olympia.




7. Wall climbing

Climbing is extremely versatile and enjoyed by beginners and pros alike. It can be a weekend hobby that you do every now and then or a sport you take up seriously.

Both mentally and physically challenging, it will have you toned up in no time! Discover more here.


Rock Climbing for Beginners


Whether you’re looking for a new hobby, to make friends, or simply get fit, there really is something for everyone.

However you choose to spend 2017, the Lifesure team wishes you a fabulous and fun filled year ahead.