Convicted Drivers: What to do when your car has been impounded

Convicted Drivers: What to do when your car has been impounded

Posted on September 21, 2017 by

Car getting towed to impound


There are a number of reasons why your vehicle may be impounded. For instance, the Police now have the facility to check insurance cover from the road-side and if your vehicle is found to be uninsured Police Officers have the right to seize it. Our guide explains what you need to do when your car has been impounded and how Lifesure can help.

What Happens When Your Vehicle Has Been Seized

You will be issued with a seizure notice and your vehicle will be towed by a Police-approved towing company to a designated police compound.

You will have 7 days to take your insurance certificate to the Police Station, if you do not reclaim the vehicle within 14 days then the Police are entitled to scrap it.

What Happens Next

With 7 days to report to the police station, you will then have another 7 days to produce all the required documents in order to release your vehicle. This will likely include proof of car insurance, which needs to cover getting your vehicle out of the compound.

If you fail to produce your documents or your current insurance policy is found to not cover the collection of an impounded car, you will not be allowed to collect your vehicle. If you present your documents and they are approved, you will then need to pay the necessary compound storage fees and your car will then be released.


Most standard car insurance policies do not cover collecting an impounded car. This usually means that motorists have to take out a specialist Impounded Car Insurance which acts as temporary cover until your car is released, which can be expensive.

Lifesure’s Convicted Driver Insurance covers both retrieving your car from a compound and throughout the following 12 months.  This inclusive cover, not often available from other insurers, will save you money, time and effort as just the one policy will help you quickly get back on the road. We are also familiar with the requirements of police checks, so when the Police call to confirm the validity of your insurance, we’ll have all the necessary details on hand to speed up the process so you are able to collect your car as quickly as possible.

For more information, call us on 01480 402460 and speak to a member of our specialist team, who will look to find the right cover for you.