Pre-Season Checklist For Static Caravan Owners

Pre-Season Checklist For Static Caravan Owners

Posted on April 11, 2018 by

It’s time to show your static caravan some love


Pre-Season Checklist For Static Caravan Owners


Many holiday parks and static caravan sites will soon be opening up again. If you’re an owner like me, you’ll be counting down the days till you visit your static, so show it some love.

It’s time to bid farewell to the dust and insects, and give your static a really good spring clean. Download our handy pre-season checklist to help you get the best from your holiday home this season.


Get my pre-season checklist here

Static caravan pre-season checklist

Pre-season tips


  • Water, gas and electrics: if the site turns them off for the winter, give them a call to arrange for them to be turned back on in time for your first visit
  • Boiler: now is a good opportunity to get your boiler serviced for the upcoming season
  • Electrics: it is worth making sure that all electrical devices, including the lights, are in good working order and haven’t been affected by the damp.  If you intend to let out your static, you may need to have everything tested professionally
  • Water system: thoroughly flush through the water system before you use the van for the first time. This is especially important if antifreeze has been added to any part of the system. Don’t forget to remove the plugs

Spring cleaning kitProtection

  • Insurance: make sure that you have an up to date copy of your insurance certificate to give to the site office
  • Fire safety: fire is one of the most common causes of insurance claims. Always keep a fire extinguisher in your van and note that they do have expiry dates. Fire blankets are also a good idea for dealing with small cooking fires and similar incidents
  • Detectors: don’t forget to change the batteries in the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Why not test them to make sure that they are working properly


  • Storm damage: check the exterior of your static for any damage that may have been caused by high winds, excessive rain or other adverse weather conditions. Don’t forget the skylights and aerials
  • Spring cleaning: your static will look better after a good clean and the removal of grime and dirt is essential for maintaining the condition of the bodywork
  • Windows, doors & seals: check around windows, doors and seals for any signs of damage. Test to make sure that
    they are all still watertight
  • Damp: check thoroughly inside for any signs of damp. If you detect the smell of dampness, place a dehumidifier in the van for a few hours to clear any moisture from the air and leave the doors and windows open for a while



Isobel Stewart 4th February 2017

Thank you for this interesting check list. Our van is getting on in years and we have always been very particular with all aspects you have listed. Luckily we do not let it out, friends and family only, but mostly just my husband and I.


    Sandra Hamilton 9th February 2017

    Hi Isobel,

    Keeping it for yourself and your family does make life easier, as you can keep it just the way you like it, and leave personal items there ready and waiting for your next trip.