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  1. How old was Queen Elizabeth II when she was crowned?
  2. In what year was King Charles III born?
  3. King Charles III has a car that runs on cheese and wine- True or False?
  4. How many grandchildren does King Charles III have?
  5. What is the name of King Charles III’s Gloucestershire residence?
  6. In what year did King Charles III marry Camilla Parker-Bowles?
  7. Who was the first documented monarch to be crowned at Westminster Abbey, and when was it?
  8. How long in miles was the route from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey which King Charles III and Queen Camilla took?
  9. What two TV soaps did King Charles III once appear in?
  10. How old was King Charles III when he became Prince of Wales?
  11. Who designed Queen Elizabeth II's Coronation dress?
  12. How many coronations have been held at Westminster Abbey?
  13. Which two monarchs did not have Coronations?
  14. King Charles III once wrote a children's book. What was it called?
  15. When was Coronation chicken invented?
  16. What happens during the 'anointing' stage at a Coronation?
  17. The Queen Consort adopted two rescue Jack Russell terriers. What are they called?
  18. Who designed the King's Coronation Emblem?
  19. How many people watched Queen Elizabeth II's Coronation on TV in the UK?
  20. What is the name of the crown placed on the head of Queen Elizabeth II during her Coronation service?

How did you do?

The answers to the quiz can be viewed here

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