For many, gardening is a great hobby and pastime.

Whether you’re an amateur who enjoys maintaining your garden or someone who dedicates great time and effort to creating their dream garden, there’s probably more to gain than you’ve ever realised.

Looking After Your Park Home Garden

The great thing about park home gardens is that they tend to be much smaller and more manageable than the gardens of a traditional bricks and mortar house. But just because they are smaller, it doesn’t mean they can’t have the same wow factor as a larger garden. This article from Out and About Live explores some great tips from gardening experts, for creating an impact in a small space. Read it here.

Aesthetically speaking, the work you put into creating and preserving your own garden area is highly rewarding when you can finally sit back, admire and share the fruits of your labour. But alongside the obvious, being green fingered also has some health benefits that most could profit from.

Reap the Benefits

It is increasingly acknowledged that gardens and green spaces are associated with better physical, mental and social health. Some of which include:

• Stress-relief and improved self-esteem

• Supports immunity, heart health and brain health

• The risk of stroke and Alzheimer’s are reduced

• Sun exposure and a healthy dose of vitamin E can improve mood, skin and overall health

• Fresh air, and time spent digging, sowing, planting and even weeding, can improve your physical condition

• Spending time in the garden can have a substantial positive impact on your mental well-being

This short video from Thrive Charity explains other benefits that can be gained from being close to nature. View it here.

A Place to Meet

The garden is a great place to meet with friends and family on a warm sunny day. It is thought that social engagement forms the basis of social relationships by providing a sense of belonging, social identity, and fulfilment. Research indicates that social engagement is associated with positive health behaviours among older adults. Be it in your own garden or a communal garden on your park home site, meeting with your friends and neighbours is much better for you than you may previously have thought.

A Place to Relax

Any garden can become a peaceful haven and there are so many relaxing benefits to spending time outside with nature. There’s nothing better for the spirits than listening to birdsong or flowing water and inhaling the scent of seasonal blooms. Spending time in the garden on a warm summers’ day can be just as relaxing as a trip to a day spa!

It Makes You Happy!

A survey published by Gardeners’ World Magazine found that 80% of gardeners are satisfied with their lives, compared to 67% of those with indoor-based hobbies, or no hobbies at all. The survey indicated that gardeners are more positive, too. Whether it’s being outside, enjoying the simple pleasures of nature at work, or experiencing the rich rewards of nurturing and watching something grow and thrive – it’s not surprising gardeners have a spring in their step.

So as the days become longer and warm, get out there and be at one with nature. It really will do you the world of good!

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