As a new feature in our quarterly newsletter, we are giving you the chance to share with us the things you feel other park home residents would love to know about. This can be anything from park activities to recipes or gardening tips, or pictures of wildlife on the park!

This quarter Rick Lane, Chairman of Lodgefield Park, situated in the market town of Stafford, gave us an insight into what makes Lodgefield Park such a great place to Live.

“Lodgefield Park is a delightful place to live, with a picturesque canal running along the bottom edge, and mallard ducks in permanent residence. In Spring, a gaggle of Canada geese arrive, and we are soon greeted by a hoard of cute goslings who grow to maturity at an amazing rate. They then leave to return the next Spring. We also have the mixed blessing of grey squirrels who are lovely to watch but can cause havoc in the gardens, which residents keep to a high standard. We used to have rabbits which were even more destructive, but they seem to have completely disappeared.

Our Residents Association recently arranged a day out to Western Super Mare with our local coach company. Those who attended really enjoyed the trip.

We have an active Social Club, run by residents on the park, who organise monthly Social Nights at the local Church Hall. We also had entertainment from a range of topflight singers, who specialise in genres of music to suit our age range. They have included members from ShowaddyWaddy and the Merseybeats, and an artist who performed on the recent Television show – Starstruck. There is the choice of Fish and Chips, or a sumptuous buffet created by two of our ladies and we also have a raffle and two sessions of bingo. We have introduced a loyalty scheme for members who attend six Social Nights over the year. They are rewarded with a free ticket to our special Christmas evening, inclusive of a fabulous festive buffet.

All in all, Lodgefield Park is a great place to live!”

A big thank you to Rick for sharing.

If you have something you would like to share in our winter newsletter, please contact us at We’d love to hear from you and we’re sure others would too!

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