If you are looking to buy a motorhome or renewing your motorhome insurance, it’s worth considering a few important factors to make sure you are purchasing the right cover that suits the type of trips you think you will take.

Firstly, check to see if you can take your car no claims bonus into account; this could help keep costs down. Not all motorhome policies will have this option, but we can provide this benefit on certain Lifesure motorhome policies. Our advisors will be able to offer help and advice and assess if you are eligible.

Always ask about the type of windscreen cover that is included. Replacing motorhome or RV windscreens can be costly, largely due to the technology in some windscreens. Some policies will only cover up to a limited cost, for example, £500. It may also be worth finding out the excess charges on any windscreen repairs and replacements, this information can usually be found within your schedule.

What is the broker’s admin fee? Administration fees can vary between insurance brokers and can be as much as £100, depending on the type of administration that is required. It is something to be aware of if you think there may be adjustments to make to your policies. Lifesure’s admin fee for the average driver starts at £27.50.

If you have an older motorhome, it may be harder to find insurance. Before you invest in your new pride and joy and sign on the dotted line, its’ worth checking to see if your future motorhome is easily insured and if it qualifies for breakdown cover. At Lifesure, we can insure motorhomes with a year of manufacture from 1985 and above. We can also provide UK and European breakdown cover for most motorhomes including those that are older than ten years.

Does the insurance policy have any mileage restrictions? Some insurance policies stipulate a limited number of miles you can travel within a year, which can be restricting. Try to give the broker the most accurate information possible when quoting the number of miles you may travel in a year. Our policies can provide you with a higher mileage option compared to other insurers, but the best advice when buying insurance is to ask an advisor or check the details of the policy. And, if your plans change and you have a few extra trips organised, call your insurer or broker to update your mileage.

Taking your motorhome to Europe

Will your motorhome insurance cover you in Europe, and if so, how many days are included per trip? Along with limited mileage, this can also be another restricting factor for motorhome owners. We can provide European cover on motorhome policies, and some of our policies can be up to 270 days, whereas most standard policies are only able to offer 90 days at the same cover level you get in the UK. It is important to understand that if you have a claim outside of the 90 days or 270 days cover, you will still be insured but only for the minimum legal cover for that country. For example, if you have comprehensive cover and visit France for a greater number of days than is stipulated on your policy, you will only be covered for third-party liability as this is the minimum amount of insurance that you require under French law.

Advice for travelling in Europe in a motorhome. Since leaving the European Union, the new Brexit rules only allow British citizens to visit countries within the EU for 90 days out of 180 days without a visa. However, this rule only relates to several countries which apply this limit as a group. The good news is that you can visit Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus and Romania for a more extended period as they have different rules. The time you spend in other countries does not affect how long you can stay in these countries without a visa. Always check the details with each country before travel, to learn more visit the UK Government website. If you are thinking of exploring Ireland, you will be pleased to know there are no travel restrictions as part of a common travel area for British nationals!

Good news for those driving in the EU! From 2nd August 2021 you will not need a green card to drive in the following countries: The EU (including Ireland), Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Serbia, and Switzerland.

Ensuring you have the right motorhome breakdown cover is particularly important as it’s not only your mode of transport, but it could also be the roof over your head. When you are looking for a good breakdown cover, check the small print to ensure the policy will perform. Consider whether it is worth buying a cheaper policy if it doesn’t help and assist you in your hour of need. If you are planning a trip to Europe, consider buying a European policy that should cover you in the UK too. Ensure you think about the locations you will visit in your motorhome and the cost of emergency repairs or recovery assistance. It is also a good idea to see if your policy includes a replacement vehicle if yours is undriveable, so that you can continue to enjoy your holiday. Lifesure offers a replacement vehicle up to 1600CC or up to £500 towards the hire of a regular car. If you are waiting for repairs to your motorhome as part of the breakdown recovery you also have the option of £150 towards one overnight stay including breakfast. We will also allow up to £200 costs for a return trip to collect your motorhome if you cannot wait for the repairs.

Some helpful advice when travelling in Europe is to check that your breakdown service covers you for the country you are visiting and if there are any specific laws for that country. For example, if you break down on a French motorway, in most cases, the French authorities, will be the only recovery service permitted to help and only via the local SOS phone. With the Lifesure breakdown service, once you have been towed to a place of safety by the French authorities you can contact the recovery assistance who will take over from there. Breaking down can be disappointing, especially whilst on holiday, so always prepare well before travel; research the countries you want to visit and check your paperwork so you have everything to hand should you need to call for help.

When starting to look for good, reliable motorhome insurance, the best advice is to think about the type of trips and holidays you want to enjoy, then speak to a good insurance broker who can help find the most suitable insurance for your needs.

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