The Motor Insurer’s Bureau (MIB) has issued a warning about a new type of scam which has been brought to their attention. This scam involves a person, claiming to be from the Motor Insurer’s Bureau or having obtained their information from the Motor Insurance Database, contacting you with regards to an accident you have been involved in.

During the course of the conversation, the caller is likely to refer to helping you to get compensation for an accident which has been reported, although you may not actually have been involved in one. The caller will generally fish for information on any motor accidents you may have been involved in in the past, in an attempt to get your personal details. The scam alert issued by the Motor Insurer’s Bureau contains the following information:

What the caller may do

  • Claim to be calling on behalf of the Motor Insurer’s Bureau to talk to you about your motor accident claim
  • Try to trick you into providing details of any motor accident you may have been involved in
  • Encourage you to embellish or falsify information to make a claim to the MIB
  • Attempt to obtain your bank details so that “compensation” can be paid to you

If you receive a call from an individual claiming to be from the MIB, bear in mind that the MIB does -

  • Contact individuals or their legal representatives who have submitted a claim relating to an accident involving an uninsured or unknown driver
  • Contact a named third party or defendant involved in a claim
  • Contact the registered keeper of any vehicle which does not appear to be insured according to the Motor Insurance Database. In this case, a warning letter will be sent by MIB advising the registered keeper of immediate action which must be taken

Always remember that the MIB does not -

  • Contact members of the public about motor accidents, unless you have submitted a claim to them
  • Pass on or sell information held on their databases to third parties e.g. callers from other companies will not have obtained their information from the MIB
  • Request bank or other financial details over the phone

What to do if you receive a suspicious call relating to the MIB

If you receive a call from an individual claiming to be calling from the MIB or having obtained your information from them, the following information should be passed to the MIB:

  • The full name of the person who called you
  • The telephone number they called from
  • The name of the company they said they were calling from (this includes those who say they are from the MIB)
  • Your own insurer’s details, providing you are happy to pass on this information

The incident should be reported to the Motor Insurer’s Bureau either by calling 01908 830 001 or emailing

The Information Commissioner’s Office is also aware of this scam and is working to combat the issue and protect consumer data. Any incidents should also be reported to the ICO via their website.

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