Scam Warning – Motor Insurer’s Bureau Claims

Scam Warning – Motor Insurer’s Bureau Claims

Posted on August 29, 2013 by

Older man looking worried on the telephoneThe Motor Insurer’s Bureau (MIB) has issued a warning about a new type of scam which has been brought to their attention. This scam involves a person, claiming to be from the Motor Insurer’s Bureau or having obtained their information from the Motor Insurance Database, contacting you with regards to an accident you have been involved in.

During the course of the conversation, the caller is likely to refer to helping you to get compensation for an accident which has been reported, although you may not actually have been involved in one. The caller will generally fish for information on any motor accidents you may have been involved in in the past, in an attempt to get your personal details. The scam alert issued by the Motor Insurer’s Bureau contains the following information:

What the caller may do

  • Claim to be calling on behalf of the Motor Insurer’s Bureau to talk to you about your motor accident claim
  • Try to trick you into providing details of any motor accident you may have been involved in
  • Encourage you to embellish or falsify information to make a claim to the MIB
  • Attempt to obtain your bank details so that “compensation” can be paid to you


If you receive a call from an individual claiming to be from the MIB, bear in mind that the MIB does –

  • Contact individuals or their legal representatives who have submitted a claim relating to an accident involving an uninsured or unknown driver
  • Contact a named third party or defendant involved in a claim
  • Contact the registered keeper of any vehicle which does not appear to be insured according to the Motor Insurance Database. In this case,  a warning letter will be sent by  MIB advising the registered keeper of immediate action which must be taken


Always remember that the MIB does not –

  • Contact members of the public about motor accidents, unless you have submitted a claim to them
  • Pass on or sell information held on their databases to third parties e.g. callers from other companies will not have obtained their information from the MIB
  • Request bank or other financial details over the phone


What to do if you receive a suspicious call relating to the MIB

If you receive a call from an individual claiming to be calling from the MIB or having obtained your information from them, the following information should be passed to the MIB:

  • The full name of the person who called you
  • The telephone number they called from
  • The name of the company they said they were calling from (this includes those who say they are from the MIB)
  • Your own insurer’s details, providing you are happy to pass on this information

The incident should be reported to the Motor Insurer’s Bureau either by calling 01908 830 001 or emailing

The Information Commissioner’s Office is also aware of this scam and is working to combat the issue and protect consumer data. Any incidents should also be reported to the ICO via their website.


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Anna 15th November 2016

I have been contacted today twice by someone claiming to be from MIB, when they were unable to tell me which car and which driver their phone call was about they then insisted that they wanted to speak to every driver about every car! as if no one works between the hours of 3-4pm on a tuesday and we all have time for this nonsense scam!?!

The first phone call I hung up on.
The second made me a little perplexed; if you’re calling back after someone has hung up you must have something substantial to back yourself up with so when. The caller was brazen enough to provide a company name and number (MIB 438712156) yet when asked for further details he then hung up on me!

This caller was using a local land line 01707 276 679.

I haven’t bothered trying to call it back.

If it’s real, if it’s important they can put pen to parchment and send letter via pageboy!!!


    Sandra Hamilton 15th November 2016

    Hi Anna,

    Thanks for letting us know about this.

    I have called the number and all it does is ring. When I Googled the number, it doesn’t come up with a company name, so it probably was a scam.

    Unfortunately, with the telephone systems that are around today, it is very easy to change the telephone number that a call recipient sees on their phone and so these shouldn’t be trusted.


Craig L 20th April 2017

I just received a call from a gentleman with a very difficult to understand ‘asian’ accent. I think it was from a call centre overseas. I did have a very minor bump in a car park a few months ago which was my fault and the claim was quickly settled by the insurance company. Within a couple of weeks I started receiving speculative calls from ‘ambulance chasers’. The first few I just hung up but this time I played along with his game by pretending it wasn’t my fault, for long enough to ask who he was calling on behalf of and he said Motor Insurance Bureau. As i have my laptop in front of me I Googled MIB and saw your details. I asked him if he is referring to MIB in Milton Keynes and he said he’s in Manchester…. (Presumably the Manchester just west of Calcutta!?). I asked for his name but I couldn’t understand what he was saying. Then I asked why i should get compensation given there were no injuries and he suggested that there didn’t need to be! I’d get 2 to 3 thousand pounds simply by making a claim for personal injury! Isn’t that kind of him?! 🙂

Anyway, i was bored by then and told him I believe what he is doing is a scam. He said it isn’t, but sensing I’d sussed him out he said ‘I will call you back in half an hour’. He didn’t.

I have already reported previous incidents to my insurer and they are investigating how my personal information could have got into the hands of these criminals. It’s ongong so I’d best not name the insurer here. The number I got from ‘1471’ is 00610107000 which I think is a fake ‘auto-generated’ number disguised as a Machester number. There wouldn’t be two zeros if it were a proper Manchester number.


    Sandra Hamilton 20th April 2017

    Hi Craig,

    Thank you for taking the time to comment, it is appreciated.

    Something similar happened to me and I used to tell them that I hadn’t had an accident, and they then lost interest very quickly!

    Unfortunately there are always going to be people who are less than honest out there. It’s just a shame that they can’t put their talents to better use.


Emma broom 9th May 2017

Hi we received a call today from a gentleman he said he was from this company we did have a accident lasy week he was getting quite cross with me when I couldn’t answer the questions he said he needed to send us out paperwork to for compensation but the car he described was the other car not ours and he didn’t know how many people were actually in the car he didn’t know what Rd the accident happend and phoned my house phone tge insurance have been contacting me via email or by my mobile it was quite a bad Line he also had he me down has the driver which was untrue has i dont hold a licence he then asked to speak to my daughter who was at my house at the time of call who dosent actually live with me we are none the wiser to why we had the phonecall has my daughters insurance is dealing with it all they are phoning my daughter back tmrw she give them her mobile does this sound right to you ?


    Sandra Hamilton 10th May 2017

    Hi Emma,

    Thank you for your question.

    It does sound like he is a bit of an ‘ambulance chaser’ and I think that you are right to be cautious. If you have the number that they called you on I would put it in to Google and see what it says when you do a search. That way you may be able to find out whether it is a hoax or not.

    I would also call the MIB on the telephone number above as they should be able to track down the call if it is genuine.


Jen 25th September 2017

Posted a car for sale on Gumtree on behalf of a friend, within 2 mins of the advert going live I had someone claiming to be from the Motor Insurance Bureau phoning me with regards to the accident I “may have had within the last 2 to 3 years”. Were also asking if I was sure no one had driven into the back of me at some point.
The number they called on is a work phone so not used for personal calls. They hung up after the 3rd time of telling them I hadn’t had an accident.


Dr L S English 23rd February 2018

I received a call today from 01423241996 to ask about my nofault accident -someone bumped me in the rear. He didnt know the cars involved but he did know the accident occurred. He didn,t ask for any personal details and I thought he said he was from the motoring advice bureau who were supposed to look after drivers rights and to make sure the insurance companies werre not ripping you off. My insurance brokers have said that I have to disclose this accident whenever I apply for insurance even though I was simply nudged with no damage and I asked him about that and he said that was rubbish you do not need to declare such an incident. I tried phoning-the line is always busy.


    Ilana 6th March 2018

    Hi Dr English. We have spoken to one of our managers who is an expert on motor insurance and he says it is a scam and you should not give them any of your details. All incidents regardless of fault or loss need disclosing to insurer even if you decide not to claim. This is to protect you in case the other party bring the incident up in the future.