Punctures – A Driver’s Nightmare Made Safer

Punctures – A Driver’s Nightmare Made Safer

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Diagram of inside of tyre with Tyron Band fittedPerhaps unsurprisingly punctures and tyre blowouts only happen at the most inconvenient times and if you’re in a motorhome or caravan the odds are that you’ll be away on holiday too…

Tyre blowouts have in the past been a major player of accidents causing loss of control, braking and steering and what with the cost of a shredded tyre damaging the outer shell of a caravan or motorhome, having one could prove to be expensive.

As you may have seen from our recent article on a comprehensive guide to tyres, tyres are more complicated than most of us realise, bearing in mind that they are arguably one of the most important components in a vehicle.  Keeping them in good order is imperative to preserve usability and safety, but occasionally the unforeseen can happen.

You may have heard about Tyron bands but were not quite sure how they worked, or how they improved your safety.  Put basically, Tyron bands are fitted to the wheel of your car, caravan or motorhome, including steel wheels and alloys and fit inside the well that all wheels have and need (the well that runs around the inside of your wheel allows the fitting and removal of tyres).

In the event of a puncture or tyre blowout, the fitted band locks the tyre onto the wheel and prevents the tyre itself from moving around too much and then dislodging from the wheel.  Instead it allows the tyre to run flat, protecting the wheel rim by forming a cushion of rubber between the wheel and the road surface and allowing the driver to keep overall control.  Normally when your tyres are correctly inflated they are held in place by the air pressure, but once pressure is lost the tyre can move around more freely and become loose or detach itself from the wheel completely potentially causing an accident.

Tyron Band video

One of the main benefits of Tyron is that they allow you to continue on your journey for a short distance, albeit at a slightly slower speed, so that you can find somewhere safe to pull off the road and either change the wheel yourself or call for a breakdown service.  It is a well-known fact that most people who are killed or seriously injured on a motorway have broken down and are parked on the hard shoulder.

Because of the way that the Tyron bands are manufactured and fitted to your wheels, they will last the lifetime of your vehicle and do not need servicing. They will however need to be removed and refitted when a tyre has to be replaced or repaired.

Optional Tyron Band Fitting KitWhilst more and more tyre and caravan dealerships are able to fit tyres with Tyron bands, including mobile networks like Kwik-Fit Mobile and etyres, the optional portable fitting machine gives you the peace of mind that any tyre fitter here in the UK or abroad will be able to change your tyres without any problems.  Weighing in at only 3kg, it is small enough to keep in the car boot or tucked away inside your caravan or motorhome.

This British invention was originally designed for use for the Ministry of Defence to allow their vehicles to stay safe in a combat zone enabling them to escape to a secure area thereby keeping their personnel protected from possible attacks. Closer to home, the UK police force has them fitted to their vehicles as do many heavy goods vehicles.  As they are so good at preventing accidents it could be argued that perhaps they ought to come fitted as standard for some types of vehicle.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems

TPMS Bracket on WheelTyron bands can be fitted to cars and caravans fitted with tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) buy using a small bracket – pictured right.  This part of the system was developed many years ago to primarily fit to police vehicles but has now been adapted to fit not just cars, but also caravans.

For Bailey caravans there is a special bracket as the wheel well is particularly small and these can be ordered using the product code T14-TPMS.

The caravan industry has recognised that Tyron bands could save owners money and heartache and here at Lifesure we give a 5% discount to our Excel caravan insurance customers who have the bands fitted.

Can you put a price on safety and peace of mind?

To find out more information or to find a fitter go to www.tyron.co.uk.

Protect your caravan or motorhome with insurance from a company that you can trust.  Here at Lifesure we have access to a range of policies so that you get the cover that you need and want.  Call us on 01480 402460 to see how much we can save you.


Kevin Best 25th July 2015

Hi Sandra

Have just read your article on Tyron Bands and have to correct you on one aspect, the Tyron Bands have to be removed in order to change a tyre, that is where the tool comes in, NOT as you said to allow you to leave the bands on.


    Sandra Hamilton 29th July 2015

    Dear Kevin,

    Thank you for your comment and pointing out the mistake – it is appreciated.

    I have amended and updated the article accordingly.


Gary Packer 6th September 2015

I don’t think Tyron bands can be fitted with the latest caravan tyre monitoring systems??


    Sandra Hamilton 8th September 2015

    Hi Gary,

    Thank you for your question.

    I have been in touch with Tyron and they have confirmed that the bands can be fitted provided that a TPMS bracket is also fitted. Apparently the police have been using TPMS for years alongside the Tyron bands.

    I have updated the article above accordingly.